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    I put my application in for the local Sheriff Dept for Deputy. For the last month I have been Busting my *** trying to get in the shape I need to be in.

    Sadly to say for some reason I can't get the 20 Push-Up that's required. I have week upper body strength and I'm still pushing myself because I really want this job. I'm now trying to use MSI's BlackPowder Training Sup to punch out a extra few PU's.

    But this is where the sadness kicks in, I can do 7 PU's...that's it. I run every morning and do PU's every day trying to push myself to get more in. I don't have the money for a trainer and am working on cardio threw running. Am I probably not gonna get in or is there something else I can do to work my way up to 20. I've taken Ninjutsu for 15 years, I know how to redirect and cripple a person if necessary. Body strength wasn't part of the training...

    Thanks for any idea's,
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    I think you would get more benefit from upper body/arm exercises on a weight machine.
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      I concur, hitthe weights, and keep doing pushups


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