Hey there,

I was just curious if someone is interested to learn something about the concepts of the Elite Combat Program (Alpha System). As I am flying over to the USA next year anyways I would appreciate to show you some of our innovative concepts!

Just to give you a bit more of information.

The Alpha System (an advancement of the Elite Combat Program) is a specially for the real world developed tactical combat system, with sole aim to quickly and effectively defang any type of opponent / aggressor. The Alpha System works tactical universal, is 100% efficient and learnable in shortest time. That's why leading experts deem the Alpha System as one of the most effective tactical close quarter combat and self-defense systems, worldwide.

The special features of the Alpha System:

The system prepares for variety threat situations. It uses logical tactics and principles with consideration to tactical aspects. The unarmed and the armed (e.g. using flashlights, batons, firearms) tactics, techniques and applications are always the same.

The system works hundred percent target focused and uses the physical best techniques that are possible! This is proven and provable! The own course of action limits the opponent’s / aggressor's ability to act that far, that neither an effective attack nor an effective defense is possible for him.

Fast Learnability

The applications and techniques of the system are based on natural human reflexes and behavior patterns. In addition, we use specially developed training methods which make it possible to train people within days to such high fighting levels, other fighting systems can not provide even after years of hard training.

In no other system the characteristics listed above approach so strong and united. That's why the Alpha System counts as one of the most effective tactical, close quarter combat and self-defense systems, worldwide.

If you are interested just contact me and I will be happy to spend my free days I have in the USA with visiting you and show you the Alpha System.

Best wishes