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    Desertsnow.com You have to be approved and authorized but what an awesome site. Great stats and info sharing.

    LEESRT... AMEN!!! It would be great if we could get the newer guys to quit having the machines (MDTs, radar, etc) tell them how to do their job! Tactics for Criminal Patrol is excellent along with The Tactical Edge. I'm getting ready to change depts, have 20 years on and am reviewing Tactics for Criminal Patrol now.
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      Originally posted by iamacop View Post
      By far, the best interdiction school, EVER!!! The instructor is excellent, and makes you want to skip breaks and lunch, during the instruction. He makes it very interesting..

      +1. I just got done w/ his training in KC today. Amazing! His classes are offered through the Public Agency Training Coucil (www.patc.com)

      If you're pro-active, I don't see drug training for car stops being much better than this! You WILL enjoy this class. We had officers from Alaska, KS, MO, and another state, far from MO. Check it out.


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        I have been to the MCTC Highway Drug Investigations for Patrol class. Great class. It was taught by a Sgt with TX DPS and a Sgt from Wisconsin State Patrol along with a retired Lt from Arlington PD who taught Spanish and a lawyer to give legal advice. Great training, and free!


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          Double post
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            "Drug Interdiction" by George S. Steffen and Samuel M. Candelaria printed by CRC Press. The 2nd edition of this book is just coming out.

            "Tactics for Criminal Patrol" by Charles Remsberg as already mentioned

            "Narcotics Investigations" By Brian Sallee with Alvin L. Sallee

            "How to Read a Person Like a Book" by Gerard I. Nierenberg and Henry H. Calero

            "You Just Don't Understand" by Dr. Deborah Tannen

            "Body Language" By Dr. Juluis Fast

            Disclaimer: I am by no means an interdiction expert. These books were all recommended to be by interdiction officers and instructors I consulted with. I haven't made my way through them all yet. MCTFT was mentioned before, I'll post the link below. The site has some great videos you can watch as well. Get on Desert Snow/Black Asphalts website. You can learn a lot just reading the posts and the posters are great resources. Hope this helps.



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              It looks like I've got some reading to do. On another note, I would really like to do to this sort of work, but lately, I'm answering the radio 90% of my shift instead of being proactive.
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                blackasphalt.org is a good site. There is a default id and pass that gets you in but no real access to contents.

                I recently had a hidden compartments school taught by Sgt. Mike Conner of the Maryland State Police. If you can get your agency to bring him in...wow...that guy is on point. One of the best seminars I've attended.
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                  Originally posted by bigpoppaproppy View Post
                  MCTFT out of Florida travels to train, took it from them...awesome class!
                  +1 have been to over 100 hours of their classes. Have been impressed with them all. Still want to go to Desert Snow though.


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                    420 Group

                    Check out the 4:20 Group...420aci.com..they have some awesome training
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                      I put this in the rookie corner but could be useful to you also.


                      PDF of alot of drugs.
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                        I attended Desert Snow. The best interdiction training I know of. Within 24 hours of our return from Desert Snow, we seized $30k and a Mercedes Benz SUV.


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                          Mike Lewis, retired Maryland Trooper and Wicomico Cty, MD Sheriff is excellent. Trp. Shaun Smart from Ohio is also really good. PM and I will advise you of some other good classes and resources.
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                            +1 on Mike Lewis...attended 6 training classes taught by him. He's THE MAN.

                            Cant believe www.ncea314.com hasn't been mentioned. Excellent site that you must be a member of to access. Great intel, trends, photos etc from Interdiction teams all across the country. Highly suggest joining!!!

                            Don't know if DEA is still doing the Operation Pipeline training or not. If you can get into that class its also great.
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                              I worked with Mike Lewis for several years (and with lots and lots of other interdiction guys all over the country). He's about as good as it gets in interdiction.

                              We once brought him over to look at five cars we had seized. He pointed to one, and said, "Let's start with that one." Walked right over and found a compartment full of heroin in about five minutes where we had searched for hours without finding anything.

                              Some people just have it, and he's one of them.


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                                Below is a temp user name and password to get you into the site
                                username:royal (lowercase)
                                password:knight (lowercase)
                                Once in the site you can preview the site etc. The application process link is at the top under "New Member Application".

                                It is a interdiction network restricted to law enforcement only. Verification must be completed prior to logging in. Once you have access they have a training site with events across the country. Great place to network as well.

                                "For those who are not aware, the Black Asphalt Website also houses the world's largest Vehicle Concealment Database. This database contains thousands of concealment photos and descriptions and is make and model specific. It also has a general search area for different types of vehicles (All Passenger Vehicles, All Semi Trailers, etc.). If you haven't checked it out lately, be sure to do so."
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