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Your Krav Maga Experience so far GOOD or bad??


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    Originally posted by Dep D View Post
    I just finished my instructor class, and it was very intense, very intuitive, real world training.

    Originally posted by Dep D View Post
    I'm already an instructor in another discipline, was trained in the academy in a third, but Krav is superior to the other two.
    What were the other two disciplines?

    Originally posted by Dep D View Post
    You have to be in shape.... If your a LEO and your not in shape, as a blanket statement... You shouldn't be a LEO...
    Totally agree!


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      FBI and trained in PPCT.

      I incorporate the best of all three when needed, but I have found Krav overall superior.
      Be safe pulling back into the thread...


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        I've been trained in Tae Kwon Do, Koei Kan Karate Do, and some JuJitsu on my own. I then trained in a variation of PPCT style (Unique for our department) in the Sheriffs Department.

        I was trained in Krav during the Denver Police academy. Very natural to learn, easy to remember, and very effective system. There are a few things that I don't like, but the majority of the system is very, very good for Officers, and a great workout besides.
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          Originally posted by JRODF4 View Post
          With that said realistically if you were to take me down which I bet you could I would probably punch/& or kick you in the groing immediately!!!

          I'd probably opt for the Kabar TDI into the guts or thigh.

          If/when somebody manages to mount/straddle me, it's reasonable to believe that I'm going to quickly get pummeled unconscious so it becomes lethal force at that point.
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            I enjoy the krav classes I take. In my opinion, any martial arts class is made or broken by the instructor. We have a very hard nosed intstructor who does not teach a watered down version of krav. He has added some more bjj to the curriculum, due to the fighting game changing.

            I try to train in krav/beginner mma twice a week and no gi bjj once a week, seems to work for me

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              Originally posted by Code Seven
              You mean, you play how you practice?
              ha ha ha, my bad, worked a side job last night and haven't had my morning coffee


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                give it a rest

                If I read the term KRAV MAGA one more time in this forum I'm gonna puke!

                I have not run into any KM guy who could hold his own with one of my basic PPCT DT or GAGE students.

                Seriously, in my experience once a KM guru is on the ground, he is toast.

                Something about the name just irritates me. Who ever came up with that name needs their clock cleaned
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                  It's amazing how some people think Bjj is useless in a streetfight. No art is 100%. However, the worse situation is being on the ground with a guy out weighing you by 60+ pounds and you have NO CLUE. I think KM is awesome and very practical. A guy on PCP can endure a lot of main. However, nobody can function without blood to the brain (CHOKES-BJJ)
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                    I have never trained in KM but when I was with Narc's I trained with a Deputy from one of the participating counties (in our Metropolitan Drug, Vice & Intelligence Unit). He is an instructor in his SO's DT program and they recently went over to Krav.

                    Since I am an instructor in my agencies DT program, a proprietary one we just call "DT" but is approved by POST, we trained (sparred) all of the time; meaning I was taking his punches and kicks like he was taking mine. It seemed as solid as anything I have seen but I will admit I really like the proprietary one my agency now teaches; we used to use FBI, blech..........!

                    I will admit that on the ground he could whup me but he is an MMA amatuer fighter. He did say that KM for LE is basic.

                    As far as it goes for good or bad if you train hard, make it real and learn what works and what does not (for you), you should be okay but training and putting in the time with someone who makes for a good sparring partner is also a factor.
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                      Krav Maga is a mixture of alot of different styles - Muay Thai, Boxing and some JJ (ground work) in the higher levels. When we sparr it is pretty much a Muay Thai sparring match (punches,kicks,elbows and knees). BJJ is a great art just not for me or my job (CA State Prison). The bad guys always have a friend standing by.

                      Though I have taken some JUDO in case I fail and get taken to the ground.

                      For a cage match BJJ is probably one of the best style.
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                        Originally posted by strong4305 View Post
                        It's amazing how some people think Bjj is useless in a streetfight. No art is 100%. However, the worse situation is being on the ground with a guy out weighing you by 60+ pounds and you have NO CLUE. I think KM is awesome and very practical. A guy on PCP can endure a lot of main. However, nobody can function without blood to the brain (CHOKES-BJJ)
                        X2 I'm a BJJ guy and have had to choke someone out before.


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                          I took Krav Maga while in the military. It was great for black and white application where using maximum force was the objective. Most of the training we did was weapon based.

                          On a personal note, I have taken various fighting classes over the years. When I went through the academy, defensive tactics and PPCT really put something in perspective for me - knowing where to hit someone is more important than how you hit them. This tied together my other training and gave me a little more comfort with my skills.

                          I would say that in the LE world where escalation and de-escalation are key, learning Krav Maga (and maximum force techniques) would be near useless. I would suggest some type of MMA academy.


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                            Krav Maga is indeed a good system, that I practiced for almost 7 years. The problem with Krav Maga is that it takes time to perfect as it is in every martial art.

                            As every human being has a reaction time that can surely be trained but can never be as fast as the action (action----> reaction) the truth is that a lot of people are getting pressed in a reactive pattern and can´t defend theirselfes even after long years of training. I don´t have to lie about that, so be pacient if you study Krav, even if it is one of the best systems you can learn.

                            Sometimes it makes more sense not to react and just work with the right ankles to push your enemy in that reactive pattern I was talking about!

                            Best wishes from Germany


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