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Iliotibial Band Syndrome right before Academy


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  • Iliotibial Band Syndrome right before Academy

    I've been running 3 miles every day to prepare myself for LEO Academy.

    Turns out that last week, a couple weeks before Academy, I just got an over-use knee injury that takes months to heal.

    I believe it to be Iliotibial Band Syndrome.

    Right side of my right knee. It only hurts after running 1 mile. I can continue to run on the pain, which the websites suggest that I do not do, to 2 miles. After 2 miles, I begin to slow down and limp more.

    To help this, I have been icing my knee and taking Advil (ibuprofen) as an anti-inflammatory before I run.

    Be honest with me. Would the academy that you went to work with you on this? Or would you be separated? Would it be okay for me to slow down on running activities, and just when I'm being timed go all out?

    Any advice is welcome. Thanks.

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    I can't help you since i am still in the academy, and in another state mind you, but as a medic and someone with Anatomy and Physiology, and body mechanics education i can answer you this. the best way for ITBS is to stretch. i am not talking about before and after runs as this is a given but i am talking like yoga. As unmasculine as it sounds yoga will stretch that muscle out enough that you will no longer have any problems with it. it may take you a few days to get enough stretching, breakdown and muscle repair to not have it affect you but it is well worth it. As far as i know if you work on getting it back in working condition the academy should have no problem with it for a few weeks. i hope this little bit that i can offer helps.


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      X2 on the stretching I had the same issues with Iliotibial Band Syndrome confirmed by a MD. My issue was cured by by stretching constantly and I also had to quit running on a small track. Like those tracks that are usually above a basketball court where you make the same turns over and over in the same direction.

      I started to run on a trail where I didn't have to make a whole bunch of turns in the same direction or a regulation track around a football field and I didn't have this issue as long as I stretched extra on my right side before, during and after running.

      I conveyed my issue with our PT instructor and they understood and that if we were to run in the gym I could switch up directions every other lap if needed along with extra stretching.

      Good Luck
      CSCC LETA class 45, 2008


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        I got it in the academy and didn't do anything about it just toughed through it until I graduated...a few years later I was starting to have major problems with that knee...IT band pain all the time...well during a short foot pursuit I slipped a bit and my knee gave out...turns out all that stuff resulted in a torn IT band...which meant the desk for me until surgery and rehab was done ( not to mention my wife the nurse who had been telling me to get it looked at for the past few years lecturing me daily)...no bueno...just be careful, Ice it, and get the IT band brace thing also they have special insoles that help. Good luck bro!
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            In Arizona, you'd be booted from the Academy, or not allowed to begin training. Tough break. Either way, you should go see a sports doctor and don't self-medicate and diagnose. If it's something that could be that serious where it can result in surgery, take it easy and don't make it worse.
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              I had ITBS during the academy and boy did it suck. I just iced my knee and made sure to stretch. I just ran through it, which may not have been the best idea. I just did a half marathon a couple weeks ago, so I obviously made it through the pain. One thing about stretching, don't over-do the stretching or it can cause more inflammation. ITBS is generally caused by overpronation, or extending your leg over 180 degrees at the knee. If you stretch too much, it will cause more inflammation in the knee. Also, avoid running down hills as it causes overpronation also. Just some ideas that have worked for me.


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                I had the same exact problem with ITBS just before the academy. It was attributed to lack of proper stretching and running on the same side of the road all the time. The grade of the roads makes one leg travel further than the other.

                I starting stretching, icing and taking Alleve like a madman. The best stretch I found was crossover toe-touches- right over left and left over right.

                Now, when I run on the street I make sure to run on both sides of the road to even it out.

                bigcitypolice- I guess the one good thing to come out of your injury is that it's an OJI and you don't have to pay for anything.


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                  Weird to see this post pop up. I got diagnosed this yesterday as well as a MCL sprain.

                  Bought new running shoes, arch supports, saw a RPT for a multitude of stretches and do them 3x daily, stretch before (after a walking warm up) and after running, and avoid the sidewalk at all costs - hopefully it goes away!
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