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  • Counter Drug Training Academy.....

    I just found out today the good news. The class I'v been begging to goto has been locked in for me. I'm going to T-Cap/Criminal Patrol at Meridian, MS
    The Regional Counter Drug Training Academy. I love hunting Dope and though I follow other things and handle all crime, I can't lie, I focus on Dope. I have gotten good at it and want to improve. When I read the class criteria I knew this was my kinda class. Also, We have had a recent influx of MS-13 in my area, and have been seeing more and more illegals. Not meaning anything by it but Mexicans just was not in my area until the Hurricanes brought in work, IE..Katrina and Rita. But we have been finding them to be illegal. One of our Officers encountered 4 Mexicans who were driving the wrong way on a one way street, upon stopping them, late at night he noticed the driver got out and did everything with his right hand, but immediatly approached the officer with his left hand out to shake his hand asking what's the problem officer. Our Officer not having that warm and fussy, ordered him to stop and stay there. The driver sorta insisted on continuing to shake hands, until he finally said, Ok, sorry officer and stood still. He called for back up and when we get there, we find pounds of Marijuana, money, and the driver had a large 10in knife in his right waist band. We gathered later that he intended to shake hands with his left to occupy the officer while he grabs the knife out with his right hand, and already having a hold of the officer due to the hand shake it would have been easier for him to stabb the officer. Once they were all detained and taken to the station we realized they all had MS-13 tatoos and were from Houston, Tx. They were speaking spanish to each other and none of us speak spanish. This course gives survival spanish also. Went to a class given by another agency in the area, whos narcotics task force uncovered definate evidence that MS-13 as moved into my regional area to set up a distribution hub for narcotics and human smuggling.

    Anyone been to this particular class, if so what did you think of it. One guy I know thats been on our department said it's the best school he's ever been to. Also, is there anyone here going, I'm going to be at the upcoming Oct 6th class.
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    ive been there several times and it's great training. i havent been to T-CAP yet but i plan on going soon. try to get the CBQ building...much nicer quarters.
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