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Need help. Where do you do firearms training.


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  • Need help. Where do you do firearms training.

    I need help. At your academy, where do you do your mechanical training, disassembly, assembly, how to insert mag, lock slide back, etc?
    Is it in a class room and if so, is the classroom at a range or in the academy? And if its in a classroon, how is it set up? Rows of tables or tables facing walls? (And if so, what are the walls made of?)
    Thanks for your input.

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    At ours its just a regular classroom near the range. The building is dedicated to firearms training but all the live fire is in a separate facility. There's no live ammo allowed on campus anywhere except within the confines of the live fire ranges, so theoretically it's a pretty safe system.


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      For us(Fresno City Academy/CA), we had NO ammo or mags on academy property period! We had one guy seperated for having a live round rolling around the trunk of his vehicle. Assembly/Disassembly and cleaning was done daily at home, long before we where in the firearms stage of training. We had weapons check everyday at formation(start of class). This was a locking of the slide and presenting your weapon to our Coordinator or RTO. Dirty guns have consequences. You should be very familiar(mechanically) with your weapon long before the first day of class.
      Our range wasn't connected to the academy. So we didn't even see the academy on range days/firearms training. As to anything concerning a live weapon(loading/unloading,mag insertion,etc), it's done only on the line facing targets.
      Hope this helps, good luck!
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        Our County's indoor/outdoor range is located side by side of each other. Our indoor range has 20 lanes and covers 50 yds. Located inside the range are classrooms designated for firearm instruction. The whole building is made of cinder block including any interior walls. NO ammo is allowed inside classrooms and officers/students are inspected upon enty for ammo. So the facility is as secure as possible (with firearms nothing is out of the question) when training with firearms.

        Officers/students are only allowed to disassemble their duty weapon into it's major components anything further has to be done by a certified Armorer. We have cleaning rooms designated for cleaning purposes that have compressed air, cleaning equipment and has reinforced walls.

        Inside the classrooms the tables are situated in rows facing the dryboard and pull down projection screen. It has the capacity to hold about 25 people. Our Dept. uses this classroom for in service training along with firearm training. It has the capabilty of hooking up a laptop for power point presentations.

        It took alot of years for us to get this facility with our Sheriff going to bat with our Commissioners on several occasions to get the monies from grants, drug seizure money, and tax dollars. We instructors are very proud of this facility and the other buildings being built on the land to accommodate our Dept.

        Our Dept. host a Regional POST certified Training Academy that trains regional PO's for LE certification. We have officers from around the southeast that attend.
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          Firearms training at a separate range facility. The recruit school runs a cold range.

          Nomenclature, field stripping, and basic mechanics done in a classroom after safety lecture.

          Presentation, fighting grip, magazine changes, slide manipulation, and dry fire all done on the firing line after classroom lecture and prior to live fire.
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            Alabama Dept of Public Safety conducts the training you referenced in a classroom setting. Weapons are NOT loaded. The walls are standard material , and the same as you'd find in just about any classroom.


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              We teach the assembly/disassembly portion in a normal classroom during the "nomenclature" lecture (we issue all officers the same weapon). After they get used to assembling/disassembling the weapons several times (we turn it into a fun challenge), we muster into the gymnasium and have everyone form into a square. Keep in mind that they are wearing their leather and have not even seen a live round up to this point in their training.

              After they have formed into a square, the instructor will demonstrate from the center of the square what he/she wants the cadets to do. After demonstrating it a few times so everyone can see it, the cadets are instructed to turn around and we will initially do it by the numbers (working on the draw). After we they get that down, we have them holster, then turn around to watch the next demo. We will do this with all reloading scenarios (forced reload aka: slide lock; tactical reload; and speed load). When they get those down, we move on to one-handed reloads of all three types mentioned above with the strong hand. Then we will demonstrate and make them perform all three types of reloads with the support hand. All weapons are holstered during demos, and all practices occur facing outside the square so the instructors can see them from the inside.

              Obviously, the gymnasium is closed down during this four-hour time period.


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