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  • Tint Meter Approval

    I am looking to get my administration to buy a few tint meters for our department. Does anyone have suggestions on that process. Also would like some pros and cons about the whole tint meter thing. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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    I have a LaserLabs tint meter (the kind you slide over the window). They are $89 for 3 or more. They are a great tool.


    * Lots of dirtbags have illegal window tint so you'll find plenty of other stuff on tint stops.
    * Here it's a misdemeanor, so you can get arrested for it.


    * People get ****ED off at this more than any other stop I've found. They're mad when they have paid a couple hundred bucks for a good tint job only to get a ticket for it and have to get it removed. So expect complaints if you're planning on getting one.

    It's a great tool though - I think everybody should have one.

    Two things I tell people when they think I don't have anything better to do is it's not safe for ME when they have tint and I've driven a car with 5% window tint and can attest you cannot see out very well at night, so it's a safety issue for THEM.


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      I too have the lazerlabs one. Very usefull tool. Has paid for itself in a week.
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          I explain that I can't see in through dark tint, criminals do illegal things in cars behind tint and I know it's a safety issue when driving the vehicle because I've driven cars with dark tint.

          We had a car at my old PD with really dark tint. At night, I had to roll the windows down to see out.

          My first truck I had when I was 16 years old had "limo tint" (5% I assume) on the back window (legal in my state at that time). A couple of times I was backing out of a driveway at night on a dark street and couldn't see anything. I opened the sliding rear window to find myself inches from hitting a car, so yeah, it's definitely a safety issue.

          I ****ed a guy off in a Dodge Viper last night about his 2% tint. He didn't say anything, but I could tell he was ****ed. Oh well...


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            I have gotten several people with the laser labs meter. Easy to use and not bulky.
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              LaserLabs meters are probebly the best around. They are cheap and work well. If your department won't by any, then I recommend looking into purchasing one for yourself. Only around $74.95 now.

              I also refer to my patrol car. Indiana law is 30%. My patrol vehicle windows are 31% on the meter. People think when you have 30% film placed on your windows it's good to go. The installers don't consider the factory tint in the glass. From the factory, Ford windows are around 78% on the meter. You need to place like 39% film to bring it close to 30%. Although, it also depends on the film manufacturer..
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                There is a new Window Tint Meter on the market called TINT CHEK. Model #: TC2800. It's very similar to other competitor models out there and operates the same. Small case included. Price: $129 per single unit including case. Quantity discounts are available. This is a well built, durable, accurate, and easy to operate Tint Meter.


                TINT CHEK TC2800.jpgTINT CHEK.jpg


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