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Chargers... yea or neigh?


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  • Chargers... yea or neigh?

    My department is again revisiting the idea of replacing our fleet of Crown Vics. We've toyed with the idea of Chargers, but the chief is having a hard time swallowing the idea. Can anyone who currently drives a Charger give me the pros and cons? I'd love to hear all the success stories you have and, unfortunately, the horror stories as well. Thanks.

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    Chargers are very nice. Roomy, and looks sharp.

    Only con is, it has some bad blind spots.

    Other then that, they are great. And boy are they quick!


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      Our Department Recently Recieved Nine Hemi Chargers,five Fully Marked And The Four Lieutenants Cars "slicktop".some Of The Patrol Deputies Have Complained About Wind Noise With The Bar Light And Some Of The Less Experienced Officers Have Had Some Brake Problems.in My Eighteen Years I Have Been Assigned Many Different Patrol Vehicles The 5.0 Mustang Lt1 And Ls1 Camaros,lt1 Caprice , A Impala Ss And A Crowd Of Crown Victorias,but I Will Give A Definite Thumbs Up To The Charger,admittedly The Room Is Not Like The Crown,but It Makes Up For It With Performance And Also Public Interest,i Have Had More Civilians Want To Take A Look At This Car Far More Than Any Of The Above Mentioned Cars,i Have 19000 Miles On It Now With No Problems,i Have Been In Five Pursuits With It,one For Over Thirty Miles And One With A 2000 Ss Camaro That Reached Speeds Of 150mph,and I Still Have The Same Brakes And Tires On It,but So Far It Has Been The Best One I Have Had.


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        Every time a car maker comes out with a totally new car, there are always some problems with it. All of our new ones (in this part of the state) have had repairs/recalls, and I've heard of a few in other states that have had some bigger problems, don't know how solid that info is, though. For me, I like to wait til the new model has been out for a few years and all the little "quirks" have been worked out. I'm going to hold on to my '03 Vic a couple more years.

        Only con is, it has some bad blind spots
        Yep, when I test drove one, that was my biggest complaint.


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          Blind spots/seeing stop lights without ducking down
          lag when putting in drive or reverse
          tight fit with MDC

          look nice

          We have 3 in patrol - one has a problem with cutting off when going around corners, and one has a terrible hum in the steering. they've been back to the dealer but problems are coming back


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            Our Chief has a new one and I have been privileged to drive it. There is much more room than the Impala, and I don't think the blind spots are any worse than the Impala. This vehicle has the high output V6 and it is still very quick. I'm pretty sure we are done with the Impalas. They have been horrible trying to hold up to the 24hr use. The only rumors I have heard about the Charger aside from the blind spots is the brakes. I guess it all depends on how they are driven and where.

            I have heard of a nearby agency having several problems with them. I did not hear of the specifics, but I understand they do not have the police package Chargers, which I believe can make a difference. I have heard that if police departments outfit any non police-package Charger with emergency equipment, it voids the warranty on the vehicle.
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              Thanks for the thoughts guys. Keep 'em coming. I'm a big fan of the chargers from what I've seen, but I definately want to know any of the bad experiences any of you have had. I certainly don't want to put my guys (or myself for that matter) in a car with issues.


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                I've been in mine almost 2 years now and I love it.


                Handles great
                Nice and roomy up front (even with all the gear)


                Trunk space (far too small)
                Lag when turning around on someone

                As far as the visibility issue, once you're in it for awhile, the "blind spots" become a non-issue. The visibility is very different than a CV, but once you learn to adapt to the Charger, it really works out great.


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                  MSP tests them out.

                  Below is a link to the Michigan State Police vehicle evaluation results. Fun reading for anyone who likes police cars, and probably the most comprehensive report readily available to the public.

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                    I've got 26k on my Charger now. I came out of an Impala, so I feel like I'm in a time machine.

                    I don't notice any more blind spots than the Impala
                    I'm 6'1" and have plenty of room, but don't have a cage behind me.

                    The only major con for me is the lag when going from reverse/drive--not a problem if you've got shoulders you can bootleg on.

                    The wind noise from the lightbar had me thinking I had a window or door not shut tight but I'm used to it now.


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                      According to an EVOC instructor who also evaluates the ehicles the brakes had serious issues.
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                        The delay is awful and the trunk is small. I have a problem with no key lock on the passenger side and the lights come on when you unlock the door. Overall I would like to go back to the vic. and most on my dept. say the same thing.


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                          The CHARGERS did great this year, if they had LT healthy as well as Rivers the QB they may have gave the Pats a run for their money'. I like the chargers.
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                            Thank You

                            Thanks for all the input guys. I think I have what I need. Also, thanks to those of you who provided links. I'm sure this will aid our fleet committee with our upcoming evaluations. Thanks again.


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                              I'll tell you in a few weeks, mine should be here any day now...


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