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Anyone run into a radar jammer?


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  • Anyone run into a radar jammer?

    Phazer 2 Radar Jammer Scrambler

    You bought a radar detector which does a great job of letting you know where all the speed traps are, but sometimes the warnings come too late. Even the best radar detectors can have trouble warning drivers in time of tricky speed traps. This is especially true if the police are using a radar method called Instant-on.
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    If you're new to Instant-on radar guns, they're basically used to put the signal on hold until just before a car passes in front of the gun. Unless you have a radar detector that scans an area in rapid succession, it's very difficult to catch Instant-on radar guns before they've already recorded your speed.

    Phazer 2 Radar Jammer Scrambler Special Features
    If you don't have time to slow down before getting popped by a radar gun, you need the protection you can only get from the Phazer 2 jammer scrambler. Unlike other devices, the Phazer 2 jammer scrambler is 100 percent legal according to FCC regulations. Other scramblers are either ineffective or illegal. The Phazer 2 jammer scrambler works to scramble Instant-on radar, Lidar guns, and all radar bands, including X, K, Ka and SuperWide.

    The Phazer 2 jammer scrambler is so effective that it's been banned in several states, including Minnesota, Oklahoma, California and Nebraska. Quality jammers like the Phazer 2 have caused law enforcement officials to develop something called VG-2/VG-3 devices. These devices are essentially radar detector detectors, and they give police cause to pull people over. We designed the Phazer 2 jammer scrambler to include an automatic shut-off switch when VG-2 or VG-3 devices are detected in the area.
    Do they actually work..?
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    I suppose any radio signal can be jammed but I doubt the FCC would approved a working radar jammer for civilian use. If the Phazer II "is 100 percent legal" that probably means it doesn't work.

    See and


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      Jamers are transmitters. Transmitters require an FCC license at microwave frequency, which is where radar works.

      Unless one has the license, they are illegal. f you buy one in a retail store and it doesn't require a license, it's a rip off.

      I have confiscated a few. No one ever came looking for them.
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        They're illegal in Colorado:

        42-4-1415. Radar jamming devices prohibited - penalty.
        Statute text

        (1) (a) No person shall use, possess, or sell a radar jamming device.

        (b) No person shall operate a motor vehicle with a radar jamming device in the motor vehicle.

        (2) (a) For purposes of this section, "radar jamming device" means any active or passive device, instrument, mechanism, or equipment that is designed or intended to interfere with, disrupt, or scramble the radar or laser that is used by law enforcement agencies and peace officers to measure the speed of motor vehicles. "Radar jamming device" includes but is not limited to devices commonly referred to as "jammers" or "scramblers".

        (b) For purposes of this section, "radar jamming device" shall not include equipment that is legal under FCC regulations, such as a citizens' band radio, ham radio, or any other similar electronic equipment.

        (3) Radar jamming devices are subject to seizure by any peace officer and may be confiscated and destroyed by order of the court in which a violation of this section is charged.

        (4) A violation of subsection (1) of this section is a class 2 misdemeanor traffic offense, punishable as provided in section 42-4-1701 (3) (a) (II) (A).

        (5) The provisions of subsection (1) of this section shall not apply to peace officers acting in their official capacity.

        Source: L. 2005: Entire section added, p. 340, § 1, effective July 1.


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          My sister heard a radio advertisement for one, and called me asking why they're legal...thought I'd do a little research on them. Thanks guys!
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            When I was on the dark side many years ago I had one....they do not work...A friend and I tested it out..He was in the patrol car and I was in a truck..we tried it at different distances and it didn't jam what so's a scam!!


            • #7
              I have read many reviews that discussed the results of jammers. While most were nothing more than a few led lights and diodes in a plastic case, the raters did run across one that was marginally effective. It was a permanently mounted one that was installed under the hood. It was put on an 18 wheeler inside the grill for test purposes. The results were, out of 5 passes of the truck, 2 of the passes provided no return. I do not recall all of the details, but do remember the conclusion being this jammer was unreliable and worked sporadically and without consistancy. They were amazed that it masked the truck on two passes though.
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                The only working radar jammer isn't a jammer at all. Jammers are military technology that uses enough power to clog the frequency being scanned. What you are thinking of actually sends out a signal which the radar unit picks up. The signal is modulated to simulate a return which would be generated from a car traveling at a certain speed. The problem, and how people are caught, is that they set the speed to read 65 or so. Most don't have an on/off switch, so it reads 65 on city streets too. Other times officers visually see the speed as excessive, which they use to stop the car even if the radar reads a lower speed. Sometimes a car will read 65 and then suddenly cut to another speed. Sometimes even with a stopped car, the radar will still read 65. Not too hard to figure out. PC to search entire car. Huge fine.


                • #9
                  What happens if you strap a microwave oven or the magnetron from one to the hood of a car? I wonder if that would distort the radar. Probably a bad idea. If anything it probably would make everyone else’s radar detector on the road go nuts.
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                    Just watch the episode of "Mythbusters". I have a copy of the show I use to train radar classes. They tried several types of jammers. The best they could do was shorten the effective range by a few feet.

                    Really, nothing short of ultra high power microwaves tuned to the exact frequency of the particular radar device you are using will do anything. And you really don't want to be close to one if one existed.

                    Even pointing one radar device at another makes no difference.
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                    • #11
                      They are illegal in CA - never seen one used. I see radar/lidar detectors all the time - My favorite thing to say as I hand them the ticket is "Does that thing come with a money-back guarantee?"
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                        Just a heads up guys,


                        There technology is out there, so if your LIDAR jams, make sure to pay close attention to that vehicle.


                        • #13
                          I have a real tough time getting vette's to come up in lidar. Must be one hell of a laser jammer. In California, he would definitely get a ticket for no front plate.

                          Also, I would really like to see if this jammer would work on a truck or an SUV.

                          I have my doubts.


                          • #14
                            Radar jammers are illegal on the federal level. There are lidar jammers. They aren't cheap... a few speeding tickets would be cheaper.

                            They also aren't magic. Effectively all they can do is give you an early warning. I believe one review I read stated around 1000 feet it began not to work. I've never used one but take a look at either Escort Radar or Beltronics its a device that plugs into an existing radar detector... so $1000 or so for the jammer and another $300+ for a radar detector. And you probably want to have a professional install it is going to add a few more bucks to the price.

                            All the time you save speeding probably will go into what the device costs and your time to get it installed... and then hope it works.

                            Also this doesn't prevent VASCAR from being used which is still perfectly legal in most states.


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                              Love me some VASCAR!! Detect this!!!
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