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    I guess I'll start this one off with, any of you out there?
    One of my goals within the department I am employed with is to make it on the motor unit. Our policy states you just have to possess a valid M class license to make the unit, which I already have. Wonder what others have as policies for making the motor unit. They ride HD electra glides here, which as a monster of a motorcycle, especially the newer ones. Thankfully I have experience riding one so I think I'll be good on that end. What do you find difficult about motorcycle patrol?

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    Well if you work with my department, all motor officers must have a good sense of humor. Because you never know when the ACO will hide your Harley and give you a "replacement " to ride.

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      I'd always wanted to be a cop, but really never thought about motors until there was an opening and I thought, "what the heck". I absolutely loved it! LAPD Motor School was the toughest 2 weeks of my life, however. I went to a very tough academy, but Motor School was twice as hard. This was the mid 80's. I had a little m/c experience, but not much. During the school, guys were getting kicked out daily, so the stress was unbelievable. We lost over 50% of those who started the school. The officer I went with was booted on Wednesday of week 2! After that, my agency started having candidates go through a 6-month "pre-motor school" training period so they'd be ready for the school. I don't think anyone else ever got booted from a school after that. We rode Kawi's at the time, but now they've gone to Hondas. Good luck.


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        Originally posted by VAsteve20 View Post
        What do you find difficult about motorcycle patrol?
        Almost getting killed by Motormen from Dept's that think an M class is all you need.

        Sorry, but you asked. We were talking about that yesterday after escorting the Unity Tour to the LEO Memorial. Way too many Motormen from other jurisdictions with very little training that were intermingling with us. It was not a very safe situation.


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