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  • Radar woes

    So my car has the stalker dsr x2...

    When I run the A/C in various configurations, I regularly get false or inflated readings on both my front and rear. Does anyone else experience this?

    My Sgt says it's just a problem we have to deal with and he suggests leaving the A/C off. Well as a millenial I deserve to sit in an air conditioned car so I was hoping someone knew of a trick to keep my radar from lying to me while I play angry birds on the interstate.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Don't know if this is any different than what you have already tried, but may be your only options.


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      Does this ONLY happen when a "client" is in the beam, or when there is no "target"?

      If randomly without a "target", then you can dismiss it.

      If Granny Fanny in her 2004 Olds 98 coming at you in what is obviously BARELY the legal limit, but your read-out CLAIMS she is auditioning for Top Gun 3 (Grandson of Mustang), then, ooh, looks like there is a problem that MUST be addressed, Unit-budget be dahmmed.
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        I had to reduce my front sensitivity to 3. That eliminated most of the problem.
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