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    Greetings. I would like to share an experience I encountered just the other night in regards to a stolen vehicle.

    About 01:30 I ran a tag on a car without a front headlight. Normally, I could care less about equipment violations but I was a bit bored. Well, the tag comes back as a stolen vehicle. I maintained good communcations with dispatch and followed the vehicle while awaiting another unit to initiate a felony stop. I casually followed the vehicle. Well, the driver obviously knows Im on to him and stops in the middle of the road. I do not have lights on him, he just stops. I maintain a good fifty feet from the vehicle and at this point Im like... uh, ok now what..

    Needless to say Im sure everyone knows what happened next. The driver held his position ignoring verbal commands and then took off. He wrecked a short distance down the road and bailed.

    Heres my question.. At the point when the driver stopped, what is the appropriate action to take without a back-up unit?

    This is the first stolen vehicle I have encountered so Im just asking what some others might have done in the situation.

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    If he stops in the middle of the street notify dispatch and start your felony stop. That way you are out of your vehicle and prepared. If dirtbag takes off it only takes a second to get back in and pursue. There are many many times where you will not have a backup unit present and you need to still take care of business until the cavalry arrives. Thats like contacting someone on the street and they take off running. You are not always going to wait for backup before a foot pursuit. In a perfect world every hot stop would go the way they teach in the academy.....when I have one that actually goes how they taught I will write it on my calendar and buy a lottery ticket.


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      Hey, it happens. At least he gave you time to notify dispatch and other units were approaching. I've had them see me, make the next right turn, jump out of a moving car (2 - 3 mph) and bail on foot, leaving me the choice of stopping the now "unoccupied" car or running after the violator. Now, what do you do? Basically, you did the right thing. The situation will always dictate your response. Next time you may do things differently.

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        You had a tactical situation. You handled it well. Now go back and read the previous posts. Real good advice. Stay safe!!


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