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  • OUI / DWI Arrest Forms

    Good morning,

    I am in the process of updating my departments OUI arrest questionnaire / packet. Our current forms are outdated an only consist of a few post-Miranda waiver questions and a few pre-arrest observations checklists. I'd like something much more detailed as well as an SFST scoring sheet, which we do not currently use. I found some good forms from the State of Washington so far. If anyone has something like this they'd be willing to share, please let me know. Either a .doc or .pdf file would be ideal. Feel free to PM me and I can provide my department e-mail address. Thank you.

    MA Police Patrol Supervisor

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    Hit up the agencies that handle the highways, CHP, troopers that's their bread and butter. LASD for just about all traffic related things use CHP's forms. Why change the receipt for chocolate chip cookies if the one ya got works and tastes ssssoooo good.
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      This maybe a difference in terminology, do OUI/ DWI relate to drink driving?

      If so, I would be able to attach question we use prior to breath analysts.
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        DUI/DWI can be other substances other than alcohol.
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          I ended up using a modified version of an interview sheet used in Washington state. Much better than what we had.


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            If you need anything else from Washington State, let me know.
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              Originally posted by ArmyVet View Post
              If you need anything else from Washington State, let me know.
              Will do. Thank you.


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