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Texas transporation code


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  • Texas transporation code

    Hey all,

    I know i have posted this in another section but just seeing if there was any information out there.

    I work around West Texas and was wondering if anyone knew of a cheat sheet for the transportation code? Slowly its getting easier to spot traffic violations but i was just curious if there was like an excel sheet of some sort. I know traffic stops are a good way to develop PC so im working on getting better. Also if anyone knows of a Penal Code cheat sheet as well. Any help is much appreciated!

    Be safe out there

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    A few years back, DPS used to have some neat quick reference guides that could be used as a cheat sheet.

    I'd call the academy in Austin and inquire if they still furnish them. Office: (512) 424-7214
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      I have something sitting in my patrol car that might be of interest to you. I'll try to get up uploaded tomorrow.


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        Anything will help thanks! Also ill check with DPS to see if they have anything as you said.


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          As for Penal Code there's the Clear Books
          But right now they're out of stock. Outside of the academy, I don't find that book to be very useful.
          For penal code if you have a smart phone or internet connect, just use this website It's usually pretty up-to-date, and that's all I use. I have a hard copy of the Penal Code in my trunk, but it's probably from 2011 or so.

          A Transportation Code, "cheat sheet" actually is pretty useful because a lot of the violations we cite on tickets are not worded exactly the same as in the actual statute. I used to have a cheat sheet that had a column with the violation "title" (i.e. Improper Turn), and the next column had the section of the Transp Code where that could be find. I haven't seen it in awhile though. If I run across I'll try to get it on here somehow.


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            Sorry it took so long and pardon the photos of the sheet. I have the pdf if you want it emailed. It's also a bit old.


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              Appreciate all the responses! if you could email the pdf that would be great....The D


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