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  • Sunglasses

    I am a Motor Officer and have worn Oakley Monster Dog sunglasses for years. Over the last few months they have started hurting my ears while wearing my helmet.

    Anyone have a different kind of sunglasses they wear. I was thinking of going to a wire frame type like the aviator style.(let the jokes begin) lol

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    I changed to these StarLite. They're inexpensive, very light, and thin over the ears which is great when I'm wearing a helmet or earing protection at the range. They also come bifocal if needed.

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      I always use Oakley style because they are less susceptible to damage and I think they have a more conservative appearance.

      Aviators are probably more associated with traffic police in the States though!


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        I primarily use Edge eyewear safety glasses. "Khor" in Tiger Eye lens for the range and "Acid Gambit" in smoke for patrol. I also use the Overload 3-in-1 kit for more..tactical..stuff.
        http://edgeeyewear.com/site_us/ USA site (fashion)
        http://edgeeyewear.com/site_tactical/ USA site (tactical- police, mil)
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