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Out of state Dealer Plates


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  • Out of state Dealer Plates

    Good Morning from NYC,

    Quick question, Where I work I'm seeing a lot of Dealer plates from NJ, PA, Georgia, Tennesse, Alabama and Florida. Do these motorists have to carry any special documentation stating that they are authorized dealers? Are these plates supposed to be registered to the car that they are driving? Why would they drive all that distance just to sell a vehicle here in New York? The way I see it, you can summons a motorists for improper plates, unregistered vehicle and uninsured vehicle for transporting a vehicle. Trying to gain a little insight from my fellow out of state Officers. The more knowledge the better. Thanks.

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    What are the laws of your state? The plate will return to the dealership, not a specific vehicle. There are many reasons for a vehicle to be in transit just as I am sure some dealers are abusing the plate system and allowing family members to use dealer cars/plates for personal use. If you are citing them for an infraction and you believe the plate is being used improperly, file a complaint with the BMV of their respective state. During the day time you can always call the dealership in question.


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      In TN dealer plates are issued to dealerships not a car. They won't typically come back with any info if ran through ncic. There are two types of dealer plates red and white. The red ones are actually used by dealerships on only dealership owned vehicles for business such as test drives.The white ones are vehicle prep tags. Some shops will use these while working on a vehicle.

      As far as paperwork there isn't any mandated paperwork. A true dealer will generally provide dealership fleet insurance proof. You may check to see if you have a large auto auction facility nearby. I've ran into several dealers from out of state buying cars at a local large auction to transport out of state.
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        Good to go Thanks for the info. Sadly my states VTL's are archaic and mainly pertain to Nys vehicles and the area where I work is 70% out of state plates. Scammers trying to scam the system.


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          In Iowa the plates return to the dealership and nothing else---no other paperwork is necessay

          The are fully covered by insurance etc through the dealership policy.

          Many salesmen have a perk of driving a company car-----------and those cars are usually dealer plated..............
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            Dealers will often trade vehicles with each other. I know some that will do anything to make a deal and would trade all over including New York if necessary. I took some side jobs back when the car market was hot and gas was cheaper and did some driving for dealers to make an extra buck.

            I would drive a vehicle with a dealer tag from TN to wherever I need to go and traded the car with the out of state dealer. I would then put the plate on that car and would drive back to TN. I would get off the interstate if time permitted and drive the US Highway system as well as the state roads on the way back. I never had any problems out of state. I drove as far as CO, AZ and NY with no issues with the plates. This makes me want to check back with the dealers to see if I can catch another side job, easy money.
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