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Do you get back in your car on a traffic stop after the initial contact?


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    Originally posted by amvlasic View Post
    After making initial contact, I usually go back inside the patrol car and sit with one foot out and my door open. I will run my returns via MDC to limit radio traffic. I was recently shown a different technique by conducting my returns via radio directly behind my patrol car trunk on the passenger side. The rationale was that if someone was going to jump out and shoot, the are more than likely going to be throwing bullets down range toward the driver seat.

    Anyone else have ways to make traffic stops safer and make sure we all go home after our shift?

    This technique (new to me) was brought to my attention after several officers were killed, after the initial contact with a traffic violator.
    I do my traffic stops like the OP stated that he does his. I always keep my eyes on the people in the vehicle though while I'm writing out the summons.


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      Originally posted by mdrdep View Post
      Wood, I try and get that done before I make the stop. Once my stop is made I'm out of the car. At that point an aggressive opponent will just target the vehicle's driver area.
      I'm curious which you consider more likely: A traffic stop subject attempting to kill you in your car, or a oblivious driver running you over on the roadside?
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        Depending on the circumstance, I either sit in my car or outside my car.
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          Have to wite summons in the vehicle on our TRACS system. I've mastered the ability to type with one eye on the screen and one on the car and occupants.

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