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  • Traffic Unit Proposal

    I am wanting to pitch a traffic unit to our admin. Our area is ranks high in the state for crashes per capita. Our seat belt usage is one of the lowest in the state as well. I have no problem putting a proposal together based on those 2 stats alone. I would like to find some similar departments to our size that have a traffic unit to see how it works for them. We serve a population of approximately 20,000 with approximately 23 on patrol.

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    If you pm me your work email I will get in touch with the reconstructionist that put together the proposal for our traffic unit.

    With that small of a department though you may just want to have one or two designated wreck coupes a shift. My precinct has about that many on a shift. We used to have a wreck coupe only on day shift and evening shift. The traffic unit that started last year took over that from 0600-1800. I work Morning shift (2200-0630) and put a proposal together for a wreck coupe on that shift that I've worked for the last 6 months but I transfer to SRO in a couple weeks. I could send you a copy of that letter as well.

    Get with your dispatch or someone to show what the average amount of wrecks dispatched are. Also explain how those units can be utilized to respond to hot calls and patrol hot areas as well. Those units will only be subject to traffic related calls so they will be in service more often.
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      Forget safety, pitch it as a revenue generator! That will get them on board.
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        Forget the revenue-generating angle; work the points of reduction of collisions, financial loss by owners, injuries and deaths.

        Analyze collision reports for causal factors - drugs? alcohol? distracted drivers? speed greater than road / weather conditions call for? Promote that the unit will concentrate on the worst causal factors, with continuous / regular analysis to confirm the correct targets and whether they are being achieved or not.

        Find candidates for the unit that are interested in traffic enforcement, with a possible limited-duration-posting time-frame, either to keep the unit "fresh" or to keep them fired up. Make sure they have the tools - breath testing, in-car video, mobile data terminals, plain-clothes spotter vehicles - to git'r done.

        Keep the unit free from all but self-generated or cavalry-coming-in-to-back-up-in-a-brawl calls. Make sure there is a clear and distinct line-of-reporting for the unit members to the unit commander around the general patrol commander or supervisor to a higher level that is supportive of traffic.

        Then get out there and generate stats!

        N.B.: I was on such a unit from late 2001 to late 2010. The last 3 years we concentrated on Impaired Drivers, Seat Belts, Intersection Controls, Other Aggressive / High Risk (Disq / Prohib / Suspend DL, Unreg / Uninsured Vehicles, cell phones, lane discipline), Criminal Interdiction (MOSTLY warrants, probation) THEN speed (> 130% of the limit). I was in a very different sort of a Force than almost anyone else on this forum, however, so it might not necessarily be applicable to your situation.
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          Originally posted by just joe
          You revived a very dead thread to tell us town near you has a traffic unit? Really?
          So much win right here
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