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    Hey everyone! I am new to the forums and was curious what everyone uses for a cheatsheet? Our County in Minnesota uses an excell spreadsheet for all traffic. I am interested in what other officer's around the U.S. are currently using. Paper, computer etc. Please post your current uses if you get a chance! Stay safe!

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    We have e-tickets now so I guess that would be my cheat sheet. Before I had a laminated sheet in my duty bag.


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      I used Microsoft Word in 8pt font. Then I picked roughly 20 of the most common violations (moving/nonmoving) and printed it out. I then cheaply laminated it and scotch-taped it to my citation book.

      Now all I have to do is flip my ticket up to see the correct statute number.


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        We have a cheat sheet that our departement puts out every year. The Colorado State Patrol puts out a better one and I use it a lot.

        I tried to attach it but the file was too large.
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          You need to get the Dallas PD cheat sheet!
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            Maryland has a variety of offenses that you can circle on the citation. The rest need to be written in. Fortunately, most of the ones I write I can just circle. I do keep a list of infractions that write that aren't on the citation (such as failing to stop for a school bus).

            I also keep a cheat sheet of our city code for violations I write all of the time but use a particular terminology....such as public urination or open container in a vehicle.

            If you have a computer in your car and is easily accessible, see if you can put a copy of everything on there. On mine, I have a PDF of all traffic charges (provided by the courts), city code, and state charging language. I can quickly do a search of the PDF of key words to find the charge I want.


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              My agency creates both a criminal and traffic cheat sheet book. It contains several hundred of the most commonly used statutes, both state and local. It's alphabetized by crime, so you flip to wherever you need to be. Some bean counter puts it together. It's quite nice.


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                My agency also puts out a traffic cheat sheet book, both in print and electronic version. I personally have gone through the book and printed my own most commonly used codes and I keep it in my ticket book holder. For me its easier to look at one piece of paper, then flipping through a small book roadside. Some guys, keep the electronic version open on their in-car computers and refer to it that way.

                Whatever works for you, is all that matters.


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