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  • Question for CHP Officers

    Calling all of you CHiPs out there ,

    I recently acquired a Kustom Signals Golden Eagle Ka Band radar unit. On the face plate/counter unit, just above the badging of Golden Eagle, it says "CHP (Also has a star in the middle of the "C"). On the remote, at the bottom, it has a picture of the CHP seal/patch.

    Is this a special model that was drafted for the CHP or what? Or is it just something Kustom did special for CHP as far as badging and no special or addtitional features whatsoever? How old is this unit, if you can tell by this special addition?

    Also, with the reference manual I received, it has a tab in the back regarding a "CHP 99D Report". What is that?


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    It sounds like an official CHP device. The seal of the department and the reference to the Form 99D is proper. I am wondering if it is an outdated and refurbished unit or if it is a stolen unit. I suggest you contact the department directly. Go to the following link and click on "Email". Explain or cut and pasted the information you have posted here and they will return the information to you. If you are a LEO, and it is the property of your agency, I am certain it is probably a refurbished unit.


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      I had bought the unit from another officer from Kentucky. He had used it on patrol and the unit is still certified until 10/08.

      I am currently using it on patrol but was just curious of its origin and the specific CHP Seal on it. I doubt that it is stolen (Would like to think not anyway, would hate to be out the money), probably just surplus property. However, I didn't think Golden Eagle's were that old. Does CHP go through radar units quite frequently, besides the ones that are obviously unrepairable?


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