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60/40 Insert for Ford Crown Vic


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  • 60/40 Insert for Ford Crown Vic

    Anybody have a review of the insert for dog and prisoner for a Ford Crown Vic? I can think of alot of cons, but only one pro...thanks

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    > Our local Sheriff's Dept. has one and the handler does not like it. The poor K-9 a rather large malinois, has hardly any room to stretch or lie down.


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      Here is an article on this subject:

      Police Service Dogs Killed in an Over-heated Vehicle


      It states in part:


      The U.S. canine industry standard is a canine insert (cage) within the K-9 vehicle. There are several reasons for this, one of which is this over-heating issue.

      About 80% of U.S. agencies have a full size insert, allowing maximum room for the dog. The balance of the agencies, 20%, have “split” inserts, typically giving two-thirds of the back area for the dog and one-third of the back area for a prisoner. These “split” inserts only allow about three (3) feet of room for the dog in a law enforcement sedan. That is why their main usage has been in SUV’s.

      Most veterinarians agree that having the dog in this cramped space for prolonged periods, such as a handler’s shift, is not healthy for the dog. In addition, a critical issue is the body temperature of a working dog. A working dog must be able to dissipate heat. Heat may build up in the dog from working activity or heat in the vehicle. One of the ways a dog dissipates heat is stretching out. The dog should have enough room in the insert to stretch out to dissipate heat.

      There is a Code of Federal Regulations that addresses this issue:
      Code of Federal Regulations Section 9 CFR 3.14:Primary enclosures used to transport live dogs and cats.(e) Space and placement. (1) Primary enclosures used to transport live dogs and cats must be large enough to ensure that each animal contained in the primary enclosure has enough space to turn about normally while standing, to stand and sit erect, and to lie in a natural position.

      Most veterinarians agree that a “natural position” is described two-fold. In a cold environment, the natural position of a dog is to curl up, to preserve heat. In a hot environment, the natural position of a dog is to lay on their side and stretch out, to dissipate heat.

      Most of the “split” inserts manufacturers do not make them for sedans. If they do make them for sedans, they do not recommend them for this usage and only recommend them for SUV’s.

      Terry Fleck
      Canine Legal Update and Opinions
      (530) 545.2855


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        > Once again some great info Mr. Fleck!! I am going to copy this right away and hand it to the deputy this evening at training!! maybe the higher ups just might read and comply??.


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          My place just converted the split cage from my Expedition to fit a CV, and believe it or not the dog has the same area!!
          My dog is not huge (70 lbs) and has no problems with space. I have a bigger issue with using SUV's, especially 4WD, and having the dog jumping 3/4 of their height 10-50 times in a shift!!!! A great explanation as to why my 7 year old dog has knee problems.
          The area in the split cage is bigger than a large vari-kennel. Another thing I can say is that if you get into an accident, the dog is in a more confined area and less likely to get injured.
          Something to consider for the prisoner side is that you are limited to the size of a person that can fit on that side, I would say that 6' and 225lbs is about the biggest person you will fit in there.
          Good luck with you decision....


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            They converted one from an expedition to fit a crown vic or bought one specifically made for a crown vic? I can see if you got into a wreck anywhere except right where that cage is. It would seem to me that if hit directly on that side it would smash him between the car door and the other side of the cage because he has nowhere to go. Thanks for the replies everyone!


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              Mine was retro fit from my Expedition to fit into a CV....only lost a couple inches on the prisoner side for it to work.


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