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  • Need A Littl Help.

    I work for a small department with no training officer. i am the only k-9 officer in our P.D. and there for have very little help when needed. this is my first dog and i have had her for about 18 months. The problem is latley she has been going through the motions when searching cars and not actually sniffing. she has walked dope in easy hides and i know she knows wher its at. and last night i was searching a car and gave her the command to start an exterior search when she acted like she did not know what to do. she cowered down like she was scared and would not evern walk the car with out me pulling her. I took her to a towing lot and did some traning right away and she did the same thing. So i gave her 4 day off and just tried to let her be a dog and play in yard with my other dogs to give her a break. well after 4 days off i took her back to do more traning and she was much better but not near where she had been. she also is not as dialed in when she finds the dope she starts scratching once or twice and then looks at me. she used to dig and dig untill she got her ball. Any one have any ideal what i my have done to get this reaction from her or how to fix it. she is a yellow lab and is drugs only. Thanks.

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    Honestly, IMO, it's too difficult to give you step-by-step instructions over the Internet on such a specific problem. If it were me, I'd be looking for some hands-on help from a local agency that has some good drug dogs & work with them. Perhaps the USPS there or whatever Dept. works an international airport has drug dog handlers that will work with you & clear it up. It doesn't sound like a major problem, just one that needs "hands on" help.


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      thanks i have a call in to the state police k-9 in my area to train with him but he has been off and has not returned my call yet. i thought some one may have had a problem like mine and could steer me in the right direction. thanks.


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        Wellll, I have experienced similiar problems (extreme submission, hard re-start) & in short, MUCH more positive training, positive reinforcement & it took weeks to gat back to "near normal" perforemance. since your dog took only a few days, I'd say you're better off than I was. good luck!


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          Former K9 handler speaking...

          Clearly your dog has decided that working is not "fun" any more.

          Train obedience EVERYDAY. Make it as fun for the dog as possible. Give lots, lots, and lots of praise when she gets it right. Give firm corrections when needed but don't make it a bigger deal than it really is.

          When she remembers that it's all a game, she'll perk up.

          When training dope, praise her so that you look stupid when she makes the find.

          Remember, FUN, FUN, FUN!
          ROLL TIDE!!!


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            I would hope that whoever you got your dog from is available to help you with some problem solving. Besides the issues you are having with your dog, you need to be concerned with maintaining your training levels. The courts have said that we must maintain "16 hours" of "supervised" training per month, that decision is based on a single purpose dog. If your agency is not allowing you to train properly, you need to put some paperwork together and explain the importance of your training to them. Fleck has these cases on his web page.
            Good luck with the dog issues and the training!!!


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