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EOD K9 question


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  • EOD K9 question

    Hey everyone. First time posting. I've been a handler for 6+ years. Currently partnered with my second dog, a 2 year old lab. I work primarily in a public setting at the admissions area of a national tourist attraction.
    My previous partner, in a 5.5 year career, helped me identify a dozen or so CCW. My new guy is a CCW stud! In the 4 months we've been partnered, he's already doubled those numbers. This brings me to my first question...
    How do I continue to encourage this behavior? Obviously, he isn't getting rewarded when he locates a CCW in real time, like when doing a training scenario. My fear is that the frequency in which he is finding them will actually work against us in the long run (continual non-reward for work).
    Second question:
    Why do some CCW seem to interest him more than others?? Part of my job is to check-in outside LEO who are carrying on property. Many times my K9 will be completely uninterested in these. Why??
    Third question:
    How do I discourage interest in other dog odor? We have been successful in finding CCW in part because I 'give him his nose' but occasionally he will show odor recognition behavior and take me to a family that has no CCW and after checking them out and talking I find they left their pup in the camper right before coming ect. ?? How can I continue to let him lead with his nose if his nose sometimes leads somewhere I don't want him to?

    Thanks in advance for your input! Feel free to cover one or all of my issues.

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    Alright, maybe I came off to strong.
    Let's just take one at a time. Anyone want to give tips for #3?
    Detection K9 that is very interested in other dogs. In training scenarios, Vega always disregards the dog odor distraction so I'm confident he'll find what he's after, but when there is no source odor, he's happy to sniff the next best thing (dog odor)...

    Any advice is welcome!


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      I'm not sure how strong the K9 presence is here on the board, I don't see this topic very often.

      My only knowledge of K9 officers is:

      That as a young rookie if was fun to hug or even touch the officer and watch the dog go Absolutely NUTS in the back seat.

      The units smelled horrible, like a mobile crate, lol.

      The dogs Loved getting out of the unit, they understood it was time to work; hopefully bite.


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        The answer to your questions is with your TRAINER. It’s not hard. Before you screw up your dog, discuss it with THEM.


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