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  • Just got a K9

    So I was just tapped to take over the K9 position with my department. The dog has been with the department for about 4 years and his previous handler has gone to another department. His saying was "keep him bored, so when he's out to work he wants to work," and he kept him in a kennel in the garage for most of the time off duty. I understand the thought behind this but was wondering if there were anyone that thought differently. I am looking to at least be able to have him out of the kennel and on a pillow while I'm home and we're off duty.

    I live in an apartment and of course am taking him for lots of runs and walks to burn some energy. I was told by the old handler absolutely no treats whatsoever. I was wondering if it is acceptable to give him a raw hide or a chew toy for the times that he is cooped up in the apartment to keep him somewhat occupied. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would hope that your agency will send you to training with your new partner.

    Your trainer should help you out with those questions
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      That handler (small h) is an idiot. He abused the dog and I’m betting was a crap cop. Talk to a TRAINER and other local Handlers about play time, activity, treats, etc.

      Do it right for the dog. Enjoy.
      Now go home and get your shine box!


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        Nice. Post pics.

        I'm working on finding a grant to get my small SO a dog after our old one retired 4 years ago


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