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  • k-9 and personal dog

    Have any of you had or have a personal dog. How did you introduce them to keep the fighting and dominance thing to a minimum. I'm interviewing for a K-9 spot soon would like some insight on it. I'm assuming they will ask if there is another animal in the house.
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    I leave my mal in the kennel in the garage while my retired shepard and rott get to share the house. It took me about 3 weeks to finally get the shepard and the rott to play nice. Alot depends on the dogs, a shepard I don't have anymore never did get along with the others


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      House dog

      Both my house dog and police dogs were best friends. I waited about a week before letting them physically touch each other. And I did this in a small room with another person in case they started fighting. My police dog tried sniffing my house dogs butt, but she put him in his place. Then I let them in the back yard and they played for about an hour before wearing out. They were best friends.

      Until, recently, my department sold my K9 because he had epilepsy. He is still a narc dog but not a dual purpose anymore. We miss him and sometimes my house dog walks around the house as if she is looking for him.

      I am going to keep my new one in a kennel in the garage most of the time. Depending on his demeanor.

      Good luck


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