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Calling all K9 Officers..need some help


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  • Calling all K9 Officers..need some help

    Calling all K9 Officers...Need some help!


    I have been asked by my department to become the new K9 officer. I am looking for some ways to advertise due to the fact that we are holding a fundraiser to get the money. We are selling cards for a local business and we get 90% of the profits to get the startup costs for the dog. I am looking for fun ways to advertise, and still be professional. Maybe some posters, something of this nature.

    We have a day this month, sort of a Safe family day event, and I will be setting up a booth to try and sell these cards. As you have probably guessed, we are a smaller department. I also have been put in charge of managing the cards and the money. I am looking for ways to do this effectivlely as well. Setting up a bank account and keeping a count of all the cards sold. Any ideas will be very much appreciated.

    (I posted this in the squad room before I saw this room)

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    In the mid-90s I started a drag race program for my Dept. all through donations. Simple word of mouth is , IMO, the best as it "humanizes" the necessity & it's sort of hard to say "no" when you're standing right there. The team set up its own bank account with only the team co-ordinator & an ***'t Chief authorized for the account. As to acquiring resources---a larger nearby Agency may be willing to help, as well asyour local breeder or Schutzhund/Ring Sport club. You may also want to e-mail German Customs as they have frequently helped US agencies in training & acquiring dogs.


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