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Airlines that Cater to Law Enforcement k9


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  • Airlines that Cater to Law Enforcement k9

    Does anyone have any suggestions on Airlines that offer discount or free travel for canines and their handlers?


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    You know that is a great question. My Mal only eats soft parts of aircraft!!


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      Seems to me, if it's official police business, your agency should pick up the tab. If personal, you should. If it's official, and your agency is making you pay, then perhaps a new employer should be the focus of your search
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        NO dont get me wrong we are just trying to budget

        We are purchasing the canine through the department, but schooling, travel and so forth, just trying to keep expenses down.


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          I believe if he is any type of L/E or search dog they can ride for free. and in the cabin with you. I taught at a seminar in Michigan a few years ago and I believe the people who paid for me to go got an exemption for the K-9. He had to wear a harness and had to have a copy of all required immunization shots prior to departing. we flew together to and from the seminar next to each other.

          Check with Delta as that is the airline I believe I used to fly.


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            Thank you

            I will look into that thank you
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              Police dogs are not ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) dogs. ADA dogs have Federal law which allows them to assist their handler anywhere they go. That is not the case with police dogs.

              Therefore, police dogs are NOT automatically allowed on airlines. This is an individual airline policy and differs from airline to airline. Some allow police dogs, some do not. Some charge for the dog, some do not.

              I have had great experience with American Airlines. You might try American.

              Terry Fleck
              Canine Legal Update and Opinions
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                > Thanks for the response Terry. I called the organizations SAR/ Police that sponsered me to go to Michigan and instruct the tracking course after your reply. The SAR group paid for the flight. Although my partner is an LE K-9 he was granted permission to ride with me in the cabin and be with me in the terminals at no additional cost as the SAR folks informed them I was teaching and my partner was assisting also.
                > As stated this is not policy with all airlines and is an exception not a right.


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                  Thanks for the reply

                  thank you for all the information guys.


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