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  • I need advise

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    Reading between the lines of you post I see a couple of things. First its obvious that there are philosophical differences as to how the two of you go about your jobs. In addition, there also appears to be a personality clash between the two of you. So, my first question here is, is he not performing his job duties properly as the department defines them, or is it more that you go well above and beyond what the minimum standards are and you are ****ed because he doesn't do the same? If this is a personality/philosophical clash, you need to set those issues aside and tuck them off in a corner because even though they **** you off to no end, the have no place in this matter. Instead, you need to look at this in terms of job performance and possible misconduct.

    First with respect to misconduct, you say you are in charge of the program. In that capacity, do you have the authority to give him direction as to how he performs his K9 officer duties? If so, are your orders lawful and reasonable? (For example, ordering someone to train on their own time without compensation is unlawful as it violates FLSA.) Does he comply with your lawful and reasonable orders? If not, look at this as a need for disciplinary action (written reprimand, suspension, reduction in pay, demotion, termination, etc.).

    Next, does he operate his dog in compliance with written departmental standards? For example, you indicate that he refuses to train. Is this training required? You indicate he refuses to search schools. Does he have the discretionary authority to refuse the search? If he is inexcusably neglecting his duties you (as the unit commander) need to initiate disciplinary action. You need to also present this to your chief in terms of a civil liability problem. If doggie gets a bite of an innocent civilian because minimum training standards were neglected, it could cost the department a fortune, not to mention possibly losing the whole K9 program.

    Obviously, if the Chief doesn't support you then you can be needlessly banging your head against a brick wall. If this is the case, you need to quietly document everything. When his dog screws up while chasing a suspect and instead runs into a church and bites a nun on the ***, your chief will be looking for a subordinate to offer up as a political sacrifice. You will be the first target in his sites because as the K9 unit commander, YOU are responsible for ensuring all dogs met training standards necessary to maintain certification. This is when you pull out copies of all them memos you sent your chief, alerting him to the problem and requesting correcting action, and which apparently fell on deaf ears.
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        nothing to see here
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          This one of the oldest problems in K-9. You are going about it right. You need to find a way to pull the dog. If the courts find that he is not training it it will roll over onto you. When a court believes one person in the program is not training they may believe that you are keeping bad records. You mention school searches. I assume you do narcotic searches there. If he is not training and keeping good records of finds and someone is signing off on this, it will hurt your program. As said before,if you are training on your own time,you can't make him follow your lead. Training is the only thing to keep a dog from getting lazy and someone else to see and proof you. You need to have a real heart to heart talk with the other handler. He may just need a way out of the program.

          Keep good records of what is happening.Not being there I can't say pull the dog team. Your dog is what counts right now. I can't say it enough for you to document what your dog is doing.Narcotic searches are hard enough with a dog without bad docmentation and training. I have seen many a dog program go out due to a noncaring handler,let alone overturn of cases.

          Most dogs at the age of the other handlers dog are retrainable. Ball drive,ball drive ball drive. Aways will make the difference in bring back a dog. I have always used the method of kenneling the dog for two weeks. No contact with humans except cleaning the kennel and feeding. No talking to him. When you introduce the new handler the dog is really board. Start playing with the ball and only the new handler for another week and he is done with the old handler 90% of the time.New handler needs your support more now than ever.

          Remember that if you are initiating this change and he has more support than you think,you could be the one in a fix. Get your ducks lined up and talk to the other handlers and trainers. Get permission and talk to your local prosecutor and find out the legal issues. Don't go on your own on this.Document everything you do.Be sure your chief is on your side.We can say all we want from where we sit,but your the one there.
          Good luck, your going to need it.

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            Sounds like this other guy should never have been picked to be a handler in the first place...how did that happen, like my dept. is he one of the chief's Golden Boys who spend more time on kissing *** then on the road??


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              Actually I got my dog from a simular situation. Our previous handler had waltzed into the police department and within 3 months, was the K9 handler. Of course, he spent more time in the Lt's office or going to lunch with the chief before he got the dog. Total kiss up. On the street, completely sucked. Many NCIC violations by running plates on females and stuff, was more interested in the 2 legged instead of the 4 legged, never trained with the other dogs. When I got the dog, to my surprise he was never certified by either NPCA or NNDDA on anything, yet was working the street for a little less then a year. No one in patrol trusted the dog or this guy. His PC for many of his stops and arrest were very border line. I'm sure you get the picture.

              Anyway, of course he had the chief and Lt. wrapped around his finger and acted like he was untouchable. Went so far as to tell patrol since he was K9, he wasn't taking any calls anymore. No one wanted to work with the dog nor did anyone trust him. We wanted a K9 program, but one that performed.

              What finally happened was the patrol squads went to their supervisors, who in turn went to the Lt. and complained about this guy. The patrol officers and supervisors began to document performance issues and training issues. It took a little bit of time, but eventaully this guy was terminated.

              It took me about 5 months before the dog and I began to gel. I'm the dogs third handler so there were some bad habits I needed to break, but eventually things worked out. The dogs age played a huge part since he was only 2 1/2 years old. It does take a lot of time, patience, and understanding to iron things out. But eventually things worked out. And he's doing 200% better and patrol uses him all the time.

              Do you guys do documented in service training? Compare performance levels with the dog. Are they progressing? Compare stat's. If your dog is being used more then his, or has more finds.....then its something to show the motivation and dedication this handler has. This were the main things that we gathered.

              This is all based on my experiance and situations. Hope this helps. Good luck.


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                  Its good to see the Chief still has some ummmm "guts" to do the right thing!
                  Good Luck

                  I couldn't do this while this was a serious post but ill do it now.....EVERYONE LISTEN UP

                  J/K ha ha ha ha ha


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                    That is why I have spell check on my work PC. I am the worlds worse speller. LOL
                    Gods Speed


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                      gotta love spell check

                      Congradulations and best of luck to the new handler and dog.


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