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need help getting a k-9


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  • need help getting a k-9

    i am currently looking for some help in obtaining a k-9. the problem i am having is that the department wont buy me one and i can not afford to buy one myself. i work for a department where my income would make most other officers sick, so in turn i can not buy one.
    what i was wondering is if anyone has any ideas on getting a dog donated to me. im almost sure once i have the dog i could get the equipment and medical donated.
    any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks savander

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    Gather as much info as you can on the benefits of having a K9. Once you do that, visit your local service clubs. (Eagles, Lions, Kiwanis...) They always seem to have money and love to do things that benefit the community. One of the clubs in town gave us money for five Tasers a while back.


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      Savander, where in Ohio are you located. I may be able to help you out.
      South Bloomfield Police Department
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        I obtained my K-9 through a program called ICAAN. The dog was originally bred for handicap assistance. His play drive was too high so they washed him out. ICAAN is in connection with IPWDA through a master trainer in Bedford, IN. They do ask for a $1000 donation, but that's cheaper than you may find elsewhere for a dog. Go to your local humane society, too. You can usually interact with the dogs and get a sense of their play drive before you adopt. As far as obtaining a dog completely free of charge to you, I back up the other suggestion for talking with Lions, Eagles, Kiwanis, etc. Good luck!!!


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          There are several good working dog breeders in the Midwest & some are actually reserve LEOs or full-time that might help you out. There's a person in Wis. named ED FRAWLEY that is/was a reserve deputy that breeds GSDs.He's in a town called Menomenie or something like that. He may be of use to you or could at least steer you to some good prospects


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            Do your homework, identify the pluses and minues and prepare a paper / resolution.

            Best bet is to raise money through your local clubs, Rotary, Kwanis, Boy Scouts, and seek donations from other community organizations.

            Check with area K9 providers to work out getting a dog and the training. While in training, is your agency going to let you go and pay your salary? If not, do you have enough vacation or other time to cover you?

            Will your agency cover you in case of a bite / defense costs for such an incident? Or will you have to pay extra insurance for such an event.

            Check with local agencies that have their own K9 teams, maybe they would help with your certifiation and maintenance training.....

            Check with local vets and set something up with them, maybe free checks and care, 1/2 (or free charge) on meds - they take the tax deduction.

            Check with local pet shops for food, leashes, kennels, etc. maybe donated. PetCo is really good at that.

            consider holding annual events to raise money for continued cash for costs of maintenance training, other equipment including a special patrol car, the cage, chili box device, remote door release, etc..

            There's A LOT that goes into having a K9, get your bases covered now and it'll all glide down the track smoothly. If you don't, it'll be one headache after another for doing something good / positive.

            Enter K9 competitions and get involved in the community for positive re-enforcement, credit those companies, community organizations and people that have helped you out.
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              Check the net for GSD rescues. There is a GSD rescue in Mass. and the woman who runs it is the wife of a Mass. State Trpr./K9 handler. They often secure GSD's whose drives are too great for houseehold pets and her husband has started evaluating and training some of these dogs for work. I would guess that if you take some advise from the other posts, you could secure the items you'd need to get set up and maybe even some money to ship and fully train your new partner. When you appeal to the public, keep in mind that many of them perceive K9's to be vicious and only serve to bite. Let them know that today's Police K9 is usefull in many other ways. He searches schools and hospitals for explosives, he finds drugs that low-lifes sell to our kids, he finds elderly people and children who stary from home and become lost from their loved ones...Let them know he isn't just a set of teeth with an attitude. Use some people skills and be as educated as possible. And when the time comes, and hopefully you've got your new partner riding behind you...Your days on patrol will become much sweeter . Be Safe and Good luck.
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                Our department is in the process of starting a k9 Unit. We too needed to raise money. Over the past 2 months we have raised $8,000.00. We are a small town, but we have a lot of businesses. I went to every business and dropped off a letter explaining what we were doing. You would be surprised to see who donates.


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                  I feel for you guys who work in the smaller departments and I think cops in my position take it for granted that we have the resources and funding to get the things that we want. If I can help you out in any way, please let me know. My father was a cop on a pretty small job and I understand how frustrating it must be to want the "tools" that you need to do an even better job. Maybe the F.O.P. could help you out or point you towards some grant money from either the state or the fed's.I know that 911 sparked alot of talk about how LEA's need to beef up their K9 units. Good Luck


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                    Try this site
                    I have not adopted one but, some guys over here in Iraq showed me this site and said you can get a really good dog from them. I am going to look into it when I get home. Good luck


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