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    Greetings all, I'm a new handler and am getting acclimated to having my new partner at the house but have a question about heeting my outdoor kennel. I have a large outdoor shed style kennel with a large run area and a divided indoor kennel area that is well insulated. Does anyone have any suggestions for outdoor kennel heaters? I was thinking of getting a hound heater with a temp monitor for in the house. We live up north and it can get very cold in the winter. My partner is a 2 year old mal and I have a family mal who is six, neither has shown signs of aggression towards each other but don't want to risk any dog fights by bringing the work dog indoors and crating him unless the temps get really extreme. Any advice is appreciated.

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    I have one of these hanging from the ceiling in my kennel and it will burn you out. My partner actually won't even lay right under it because it is so hot. Great item. Our local hardware store found it for me.



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      You have a insulated kennel area outside for the dog to sleep in? If so I would probably want to know the temperature in there during the cold winter. I took the temperature in my dog's house last winter during the vortex and it still was almost 50 degrees. So needless to say he isn't using a heat lamp or heater. I do have a heat lamp installed to the igloo just in case.

      If it is the right size and insulated it won't take much to heat up. The dog will naturally adapt to weather to a certain extent. Get with your training folks and other handlers to see what they do and their temperature threshold they use. I know your knew and almost every new handler is worried about the weather thing but you will learn your dog isn't a 5lb chihuahua who can't tolerate some cold. Good luck
      Where'd you learn that, Cheech? Drug school?


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        There are plenty of things you can do to keep your partner warm during the winter. I'm in Georgia so we don't get terribly cold like you probably do. I make sure that there's a good layer of straw in my partner's doghouse, a tarp around part of the kennel to help cut the wind and I keep a heat lamp running if the temps get down into the 20s. If you've got an insulated indoor area where he can go to get out of the wind, you're probably ahead of the game. Probably all you would need is a heat lamp which your local feed store should carry for about $30-$40. Hang it high so your partner can't get to it and make sure all of the electrical cords are up out of reach as well. That little bit of warmth, combined with insulated walls and a thick layer of straw should be plenty to keep him warm. I'd say put a thermometer in there just to make sure too.


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