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Do you have an Explosive detection dog?


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  • Do you have an Explosive detection dog?

    Thanks for all your help,
    question removed as info is no longer needed.
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    Originally posted by dogacademy View Post
    Put this question in ask a cop, but feel this is a better place.

    I am a police dog trainer in the UK.
    Do you have an explosive search dog,
    i urgently need the following info for a course i am about to attend.
    What breed is it?
    What country and agency do you work for?
    Why have you got that particular breed?
    What makes this breed suitable?
    Would you prefer another breed?
    If so why?
    How many explosive search dogs in your dept?
    Many thanks.

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      Thanks, I have PM'ed you with some thoughts, my apologies.....
      "That's funny, he's never done that before!"


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        1.Yellow Lab
        2. USA Federal LEO
        3. Labs have a great sense of smell and have a very high fetch drive which is good for Explosives K-9s as most are toy reward and will do just about anything for that toy. Additionally they are easy to train and really want to please their handlers. Most Explsoives K-9 teams will end up working high volume traffic areas where alot of the public is. Because Labs are very people friendly and most are used to being around people they are more suitable for working in these environments and they is little chance of them being aggressive towards the citizens that are around them or them being distracted from a search by the people around them.
        4. Wouldn't want any other for explosives work.
        5. 12 teams.
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          Belgian Malinois- explosives detection only
          USA- prefer not to say which agency
          why do I have that breed- he was a pound puppy and available
          what makes this breed suitable: Drive- Drive- Drive:
          would i prefer another breed?: It's all about the dog- not the breed
          dept has 4 dogs - 3 mal- 1 gsd


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