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Building program from ground up - Grant info?


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  • Building program from ground up - Grant info?

    I have now moved from Indiana to Alaska where I have received my offer of employment with the Hoonah Police Department, until my swearing in date I have been assigned by the Chief of Police the task of locating grants for and building a new K9 program from the ground up. This is my first attempt at such a task and I am not above asking for the guidance and assistance of those who have been here before! We are a small department battling a major narcotics problem, unfortunately we are also on a pretty tight budget and any/all grants that we can find and apply for could be the difference in whether or not this program gets off the ground.

    I have tried to negotiate the Homeland Security, Office of Justice, National Criminal Justice Resource, and US Customs & Border Patrol websites for grant information with little luck as far as grants that are applied to Canine programs... However this could be due to my own lack of experience navigating these sites. I have also began to look through Grants.gov and Daddac.com.

    Another avenue that I am looking at pursuing is trying to contact MWD Programs here in Alaska, as well as out of state, for possible programs that work with LE Agencies looking for Canines. I have heard great things about the Lackland AFB Program and will be looking into that if I don't find a program here in-state to work with.

    I was hoping that those of you who obviously have been there/done that could assist in guiding me to the correct government offices / people / private organizations that can assist in funding for a K9 and/or handler certification.

    We are hoping to obtain at least one dual purpose K9 at this time.

    Any other information or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    If your agency is eligable, Stone Garden is a great one:

    You may alos look into getting a free dog from the government:

    Good luck!!!


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      I can provide grant information, however it is too lengthy to post here.

      Contact me direct at [email protected]

      Terry Fleck
      Canine Legal Update and Opinions
      (530) 545.2855


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        Bulzi>> Thanks for the link to Stone Garden, being in Alaska we do qualify for that from what I read! Lackland is certainly an option I have tossed around with the Chief as well, and if we can get other money for my handler's academy/certification then it's a good chance we will try to get a dog from them.

        K9Fleck>> I sent you an email.


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          The German Border Patrol may also help --- they've helped several Canadian PDs as well as LAPD


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            Also check with Walmart. Believe it or not they buy dogs for police departments. Each store manager has th power to do this


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              I just graduated from K-9 school. I went to my Chief in March of 2007 and asked her if we could start a K-9 program. My department has been around for over 30 years and has never thought of starting a unit. I did tons of research, networking with local agencies that had a unit, contacted K9fleck, etc. I also live 2 blocks from Lackand and had that option. They have alot of good dogs but it is hit and miss due to the number of request. Local businesses and citizens helped with the funding and donations as well as council members. Needless the say, the work pays off, I start patrol with my new K-9 partner on 4 September.


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