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This job isn't for everyone:


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  • This job isn't for everyone:

    I had an OIS show up in my YouTube feed today.

    I don't like watching this kind of stuff, but I think it's important to learn from these incidents, so that officers will be more likely to survive in the future.

    After watching this one several times, my biggest takeaway is that this guy should not have been a cop in the first place. The major clue here, is his morbid obesity- he didn't have the mental strength to control his own fork, which resulted in two major problems:

    1. Physically, he was too fat and too weak to control an uncooperative morbidly obese out of shape female smaller than him...and then he got out-run, badly, when she ran for the gun. Once she made it to the driver's door, he didn't have what it took to keep her from getting in, nor did he have what it took to get her out, even with the Taser.

    2. Mentally, when he got shot (a torso shot that missed his vest because he was too fat for it to fit properly), he lost his balance, fell down (rolling like a turtle that got tipped over), layed his gun down on the ground, and just gave up, even as she (mortally wounded with four bullets in her) backed her car up in a position that would have allowed her to run over him. Getting shot is certainly no little thing, but his injury was not an immediate fight-stopper- he just lacked the mental strength to continue the fight.

    This officer is reportedly a "legacy hire" (his dad was a commander), and I cannot imagine him passing the PT test, oral board, psych, physical exam, academy, and FTO, to have been allowed to even get into a situation like this.
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    Let me try the link again:


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      Lucky he wasn’t “Bear Clawed” to death,…….


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        Originally posted by NolaT View Post
        Lucky he wasn’t “Bear Clawed” to death,…….
        Nah, those gas station stick-on fingernails just pop right off.


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          Talk about someone who shouldn't be a cop...
          An officer was shot at during a confrontation in Oklahoma CityStay informed about Oklahoma news and weather! Follow KFOR News 4 on our website and social cha...


          • HI629
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            Shameful. I'm at a loss for words.

          • Aidokea
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          • clof2001
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            Wow. Lucky is he isn't dead. He needs to be working at Burger King

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