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Requesting thoughts regarding an Active Shooter Kit for pistol-only


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  • Requesting thoughts regarding an Active Shooter Kit for pistol-only

    Currently, our Motor Officers do not carry long guns on the motors. Motor Officers are issued a car as well and long guns are stored in standard vehicle mounts. If a high-priority call comes out while a Motorman is on the bike, the current state of affairs would require a Motorman return to the station to switch to his car, or to arrive on scene with a motor and your standard duty belt rig. At the moment it does not appear that we will be getting SBR's for the saddlebags.

    Thus, I ask if anyone has built a small ASK/Go-bag/etc. for a pistol only response. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Why not just train to respond with what you have? That’s kind of the point... holstered Weapon, duty ammo. That’s it.
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      There isn't much difference between a rifle go bag and a pistol go bag. You'd just leave the rifle magazines out of a pistol bag.

      There are a couple of philosophies on go bags. One is to carry a variety of potentially needed tools such as door wedges, marking pens, maps of high value locations, energy bars, water, and so forth. The other is to carry spare ammunition and emergency medical supplies only. Take whatever path you choose, but be aware that the heavier and more cumbersome a bag or other carry method is, the more likely it is to be left in the vehicle.

      You can also split the difference and have both a go-bag and a sustainment bag in the cruiser. Grab the minimalist go bag upon arrival. If things stabilize, grab what items you need for a specific task from the sustainment bag. There are also those who carry spare magazines and ammunition to supply officers with different weapons than their own. Of course, your motors have limited storage space. I'd go the minimalist route.
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        An AR pistol fits nicely in a saddle bag. Most of our patrol guys are carrying three pistol mags and a TQ on their belt so those are two main items I would want and don’t have worry about the tactical purse.
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          Based on the protocol and what's being trained in my area, I carry 2 extra pistol mags and 2 extra rifle mags. I also have 2 rifle mags on my plate carrier (probably overkill unless there are multiple shooters). Aside from that I carry 2 extra tourniquets, bandages, some chest seals, and tape. We train to stop the shooter, first and foremost, which is why my go bag is oriented toward weapons more so than medical. Once the shooter is stopped, the cavalry is coming quickly. I live in an urban area with many different LE agencies. We train with the fire dept to form rescue teams. As long as the gunfire has stopped, we begin escorting FD in to the casualty collection points to evacuate the wounded. That's why I don't carry much in the way of medical supplies. If I arrive on scene while the shooter is still active, all I bring is my rifle plates, rifle, and my small go bag with the minimal amount of first aid.

          I keep a small first aid pouch in my cargo pocket, and it's come in handy three times. I wouldn't say it saved anyone's life, but I think it probably helped calm the victim down a little and it made me feel like I was doing something. One lady had been shot in the face. There was not much for me to do. She was conscious and breathing well. But it seemed to make her feel better to hold a clean bandage on the wound for the five or so minutes until EMS arrived, instead of the dirty rags and crap that bystanders were trying to use. Another lady had been shot in the lower abdominal area (below the lungs). I put bandage over the entrance and one over the exit. It didn't really accomplish much, but it's something and it helps when people are screaming at you to do something.


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