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  • 5.11 Light for Life

    Has anybody used the new flashlight from 5.11? I was just wondering how it holds up to daily use, and try to get the lowdown on it before I order it. Thanks, Be Safe.

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    They're on clearance at LAPG... that might mean something.

    5.11 Tactical flashlights have set the benchmark for tactical flashlights around the world. Used by patrol officers from coast to coast, 5.11 flashlights and flashlight accessories are crafted with durability, utility, and performance in mind

    After trying it at a tradeshow, I would not buy this light.
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          I got mine and love it. It is perfectly suited for patrol. You have 60 min of 90 lumes (Surefire) or short use of the high beam. You can use the high beam to get attention and use low for everything else ohh and the strobe feture is great! It doesnt affect the operator very much but being on the receiving end is very disorienting.

          The only real bad thing is the weight. It is very light and when you are used to a streamlight or maglight it feels "Toyish" in your hands. I guess it will become more farmilar with time.

          All around good flashlight!

          Sorry been a long day at work so this may not be grammatically correct.


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            We just got ours. I haven't used it much yet but love the 90 second charge!! I agree about how light it is but I think I will get use to it. I'll let you know if we have any issues.


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              Too short and light for my needs. I really dont' care about a 90 second charge, I have a car charger for my streamlight and 16 hours between shifts.


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                We got one for T&E and promptly sent it back after it wouldn't charge.
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                  Originally posted by GrayState
                  I recently needed to get a new flashlight because the bulb exploded in my UltraStinger and ruined it. I thought about the light for life, but decided against it.

                  I ended up getting a 5-D Maglite and a 600 Lumen TerraLux LED drop-in for a total cost of $73.00.
                  yeah, that's what I need to do. they offered to give me one, and I told them no and that my little light is brigther.... (and it is) later I found out you can actually get some bright led screw ins that put any other light to shame. lol


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                    I know this is sorta old, but I am bored.... I bought a Light For Life about 3 or 4 years ago, and for a back-up, emergency in-the-car light, it's great. I would not carry it on patrol. I use a Pelican 7060 for patrol. I keep the LFL mounted to the console in the charger (magnetic), with the cord unplugged. If I do need it, I can charge it quickly and go from there.
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