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.357 SIG/Auto pistols review.

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  • .357 SIG/Auto pistols review.

    Whats the genral consensus on the .357 Sig/Auto cartridge in LE? I know the Secret Service carry it, but no one on this this forum has really mentioned it. Glock do one....

    Most seem to have 10mm,.45acp, 40s&w or 9mm. Is the .357 good?

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    I have mentioned it every time I've seen fit too. We carry the Sig P-229 DAO in .357 Sig and I absolutely love this thing. Good ballistics, the round was developed to mimic the ballistics of the number 1 one shot stopping round then in use, that being the Federal .357 Magnum 125 grain loading.

    I've carried .38 Spl revolvers, a Sig P226 in 9mm, S&W 1076 10mm, and this one, I own others. This P-229 would be my choice for uniform carry. .40 cal S&W would work too.
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      we carry the exact same weapon and i love it. you can hit a 6" diameter steel plate at 100 yards pretty easy. aka head shot at 100 yards. not many rounds can do that.


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        Does it have a flat trajectory then? When you've got the 10mm auto etc what are benefits, especially as the case is much shorter than the original .357 magnum revolver cartridge? It surely cannot be as good.
        And as for 100 yards, I'd need a mag of 17 in a glock 17 to get a hit on the man size target!


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          The round leaves the muzzle at about 1350 fps, and has a flat trajectory out to about 100yards. I will go even further than suprtrpr, and have regularly hit a steel silhouette from 150 yds with the Sig 229DAK 6-7 times out of 10. We use it because it goes through everything -- car doors, house doors, the dreaded windshield and still carries a wallop. However, it generally will NOT go through a human, likes to bounce around inside and tear stuff up. In the time that we have used this round, I believe that only 2 suspects that have been shot by us have survived. A lot were struck only once or twice.

          It is an excellent round for SHP, we generally dont have to worry about overpenetration, and the car will not protect the bad guy.

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            Sounds like a superb round. What brand and type of ammunition do you use in your .357?


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              SIG 357 - Pistol Heaven

              We have carried 357 SIG couple of years now. We are very happy with performance. Try Gold Dot ammo.


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                I think the .357 SIG is one mean round. I am really surprised it has not received a larger following. I have Glock and SIG in .357 and love them. Very good slide velocity.
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                  I carry 125 Ranger T rounds in my P-226 no rail.


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                    We just go new SIG p-226 .357 sig in Nov. I believe the slug is the same size as a 9mm bottle necked onto a .357 jacket. I also own the g33 in the same round. Its an excellent shooting round with moderate recoil. Nothing the average shooter cant control. We use 125gr Speer Duty Ammo.

                    On a side note a box of .357 is a little more than a box of any other typical round. I was talking to a guy at the local gun store and he said the price is coming down but since its a new round its going to be higher.
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                        Would you say that it is a self protection round than 9mm or 40 cal?


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                          Originally posted by madic15al View Post
                          I carry 125 Ranger T rounds in my P-226 no rail.
                          I carry P226 .357 sig with rail. I use the Ranger T rounds also. Those rounds are mean, and I dont see a reason why they would not stop the threat in a heartbeat...
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                            Originally posted by bikecop136 View Post
                            I carry P226 .357 sig with rail. I use the Ranger T rounds also. Those rounds are mean, and I dont see a reason why they would not stop the threat in a heartbeat...
                            And quite possibly the most accurate load in my P-226 as well!


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                              Does anyone use it chambered in a back up gun?


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