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Stinger S-200 Projectile Stun Gun questions


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  • Stinger S-200 Projectile Stun Gun questions

    My name is Kevin Scholz. I am an Instructor in all of Stinger’s products. Stinger manufactures the Stinger S-200 Projectile Stun Gun and had made many significant updates since studies done in 2005 and mid 2007. I am an expert in all of Stingers products and would welcome any questions anyone might have with the company that competes with Taser International – Stinger Systems.

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    What do you (your company) offer that Taser International doesn't? I was recently hit with the Taser and I'll be damned if my department likes your product and decides that maybe we need to switch and get it all over again!
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      My department has a Stinger S-200 (one of the 'revamped' ones). I've attempted to research the pros/cons of it versus the X26, but all the comparitive materials on the internet seem to be associated with one of the companies. I'd say that most LEOs believe in the Taser, and see the Stinger as kind of a "poor man's taser" that no is sure if it works or not.

      I've been tased with an X26 and I can say they work. Stinger does not require a hit to be certified, so I've never taken one (I learned my lesson with the taser). I guess I'd be interested in finding a LEO who has no affilation with either company and willing to take a hit of both. You will notice that I am not that person.

      The question I have is does the Stinger provide the NMI that the taser does? Stinger will say it does but others claim that the Stinger is pain complaince only, which would make it clearly inferior.

      IMO, Stinger does a lousy job marketing their product. If the generation of S-200 is so much better than the "old" S-200, why did they keep the same exact name? Whenever unflattering info is posted about the Stinger, the Stinger crowd is quick to say the data comes from the "old" S-200. THEY LOOK THE SAME. If the new one is so much better than why on earth did you make it look just like the old one? If this Stinger is so much better they should have called it the S-200A, S-201, S-300, or whatnot.

      I just got my Stinger about two weeks ago so I've yet to get a chance to deploy it on the street. If I get the change to use it I'll post the real world results.
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