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    Okay, here is the problem. My current trainee is capable of doing this job, but as I push her further and further to being her own deputy her confidence slips. She now checks her maps 20 times enroute to a call 5 blocks away; hesitates while writing reports and questions herself. Nothing has translated into an officer safety issue. In that regard she does not hesitate and takes care of her business. Once the bad guy is in the back seat though, she will tell me how she got there, then she begins to doubt herself and second guess what she is doing........

    I have some ideas about what to do but I'm looking for some other ideas out there that my fellow FTO's may have had success with.
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    Probably just needs some time and experience. You could try putting her with another officer. Either an experienced officer with an easy going attitude, or perhaps another officer that is relatively new (but still solo and capable of having a recruit). That way she won't worry about making mistakes infront of a more experienced officer. It's easier to work with someone your own experience level or "status." It would be more of a peer relationship that way.
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      Ok. From her perspective.

      Don't trade her out to another T/O. Let her confidence build. Going to another Training Officer with different ways to do things will only make her have to start over again. She'll have to learn how to write all over again for him/her, she'll have to learn a new personality again, not to mention her new beat. Even the importance in subtle changes like passenger v driver side approach are magnified in her life as a trainee. She wants bad to make it and impress you, she's just new. It's just as frustrating to her as it is to you. I know, I lived it.

      Correct her. Ride her tail a bit. She'll be thankful for it, and she won't feel cheated at the end of training. She'll feel a sense of accomplishment knowing she earned it and that alone will build her confidence.

      Unless she is just a mess, the best thing you can do is lend her your patience and constructive criticism. Tell her when she does a good job. If she tries to be subtle about it, reaffirm the job she did (just once). If she drops the ball, let her know that too. I'm sure you do already.

      P.S. With the map thing, unless she's responding to a rural call, make her use her Thomas Bro's. Guide. I did better when I used that as compared to when I used the MDT for some reason. If she's demonstrated the ability to use the MDT map, then she's retained it.

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        Sounds like she might be too focused and trying too hard. Might be a nervous personality trait. Id be honest with her and tell her exactly where she stands and tell her that you feel she is capable of doing the job. Her stressing out too much over small stuff and over thinking is setting herself up for trouble. Focus on the fact that each day is a new one the mistakes made in the past are in the past and are to be learned from...that's what FTO is all about. If she brings the mistakes from yesterday in with her today and dwells on them, she setting herself up for failure. When you see her starting to slip remind her to relax and go with the flow. Id give her a bit more time..some recruits pick up on things quick and some take a while...by the sounds of it Im sure she will come around.
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          Sounds like you make her nervous.

          I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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