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Cop stereotype quiz - how much "copness" do you have?


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  • Cop stereotype quiz - how much "copness" do you have?

    This is from the main page, there is a really good article to go with it but the quiz was rather amusing. Check the following list and give yourself one point for everything on it you do. Then post your score so we know who's who around here.

    - My work shoes are good all around shoes. I wear them when I am not at work. They especially go well with suits.

    - My other favorite pair of footwear is white athletic trainers and/or flip-flops.

    - I always carry a backup gun. Even off-duty. Even at the beach.
    (For men only) I own one suit. I bought it sometime in the late 90s and figure
    I can get another ten or fifteen years out of it. Besides, it goes really well -with my boots.

    - (For women only) I own one dress or skirt. I wore it once to a department function and no one recognized me! I only got it because it was on clearance.

    - I cut my hair at home with clippers I bought at a store. Stylists are for metrosexuals. (Add 1 bonus point if you use the same clippers on the dog)
    Maximum hair length allowed is ¾ inch. Anything longer is for hippies and Democrats!

    - Looking in my closet, my clothes are polo shirts, oversize sweatshirts, jeans, t-shirts, workout clothes and nothing else. Shirts are never worn tucked in, in order to hide my gun. (Add 2 points if you own one or more Hawaiian shirts, just because it is such a cliché!)

    - The colors of my wardrobe are blue, grey, brown and black. Once in awhile I go big and wear red.

    - Facial hair is for undercover officers and people who are lazy (except for mustaches... mustaches are OK).

    - Sunglasses of choice? Oakley, of course.

    - I listen to the scanner at home.

    - When eating in a restaurant, I must sit where I can watch the door.

    - I consider beer an essential food group.

    - I go to Hooters for the food.

    - My car is All-American, such as Ford, GM, or Dodge. Even though some "American" cars are made in Mexico, and some Hondas in Ohio, it's still USA All The Way!

    - Gum chewing is an essential job function.

    - I never smile when my picture is taken, but put on my "cop face." Even at weddings.

    - I talk to everyone in an interview stance, because you never know who you will have to fight.

    - My favorite show as a rookie was Cops. My favorite show as a veteran is Reno 911. I swear they stole those characters from my department.

    - One of the characters was based on me!

    - "Hey, be safe" is how I end every encounter and conversation with other cops.

    - I call everyone I don't know "ma'am" or "sir" out of habit.

    Whenever a police drama like Law & Order or CSI does not follow procedure, I yell at the TV. (Add 1 bonus point if you have ever gotten so upset you wrote the show's producer a scathing E-mail)

    - I refuse to watch a movie unless there is a car chase, someone bleeds, guns are fired, or someone is taken hostage.

    - I cannot understand how some people miss the obvious humor in stories involving the unique ways humans manage to meet their maker and advanced decomposition.


    0 - 7 points Congratulations! You are most likely laid back, able to leave work at the end of your shift, and able to relate to the non-cop world very well. Just be sure to not be too laid back at work.

    8 - 12 points You are probably still able to relate to the non-cop world, but be careful not to slip too far into stereotypical behavior. Maybe you should go out and get a new suit. Or a Subaru.

    13 - 20 points You need to work on getting back some balance. May we suggest taking the spouse out to see a (brace yourself) romantic comedy or musical. Desperate measures for desperate times, you know.

    21 or more points Whoa, easy there Tackleberry! Actually, it is probably too late for you to dial it back. Just embrace your total immersion into "copness" and use it for the common good. Just always be on guard against burnout, as you may have fewer resources or outlets to combat it.

    Dear God, I scored an 18....
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    Scored a 5. I guess I'm well adjusted. At least that's what my therapist tells me.

    I think these stereotypes are more of an issue with those that become a cop right out of the gate and don't do anything else first (except maybe military). Their whole sense of self comes from being a cop.

    Then again except for college and a short stint as a bartender, I pretty much did military then cop-work.
    Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead.


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      8 - 12 points You are probably still able to relate to the non-cop world, but be careful not to slip too far into stereotypical behavior. Maybe you should go out and get a new suit. Or a Subaru.

      About where I figured. I swear I had that Hawaiian shirt from before I became a cop... honest.
      Wis Statute 947.01: Disorderly Conduct - Whoever, in a public or private place, engages in behavior that is violent, abusive, indecent, profane, boisterous, unreasonably loud, or otherwise acts like a ****ing idiot, is guilty of a Class B misdemeanor.


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        0-7 here. I'll have to try again in a few years and see where I'm at.
        summer - winter - work


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          I got seven points.


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            15... at age 22... I only own 1 suit but I bought it for LE interviews and it was in 2006 not the 90's, but I got extra points for shaving my head and the dog with the same clippers!


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              Im not gonna say what i scored, but thats some funny sh** right there, I dont care who ya are!
              DISCLAIMER: All opinions are mine, they do not reflect the opinions or position of my employing agency nor do they reflect any position of my agency.


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                Originally posted by Kycop28 View Post
                Im not gonna say what i scored, but thats some funny sh** right there, I dont care who ya are!
                Tackleberry huh? Fifteen for me
                "Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought" ~Henri Louis Bergson



                • #9
                  Three points. I happen to own at least a dozen pairs of shoes that are not uniform wear and my side of the closet has outgrown itself.
                  Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. - Ronald Reagan

                  I don't think It'll happen in the US because we don't trust our government. We are a country of skeptics, raised by skeptics, founded by skeptics. - Amaroq


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                    11, if I have it right. I think my work shoes work look good off duty, I never wear shirts tucked in, I own an eye-gougingly painful Hawaiian shirt which I wear without any irony intended, my clothes are either black or white, I don't sit with my back to the door, my car is made by a subsidiary of GM, gum chewing is essential, I never smile in pictures, I always end conversations "Take care of yourself" or "Safe journey", I regularly shout at police procedurals and I have a morbid sense of humour.
                    I'm a little bit waayy, a little bit wooah, a little bit woosh, I'm a geezer.


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                      13, I feel I am quite well adjusted....twitch twitch.....
                      Originally Posted by VegasMetro
                      maybe it’s me but I think a six pack and midget porn makes for good times?????


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                        17...I must be the old one on this topic...

                        They don't care how much you know, until they
                        know how much you care.


                        • #13
                          LOL 11 and I own a subaru!!!


                          • #14

                            Seventeen! And I have only been a Reservist since Feb! (I won't meantion the 22 years in the military, or 12 years as a Defense contractor)


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                              9. And only that high because I love my Haiwiann Shirts and flops...


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