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  • 2nd shift?

    I currently work 3rd shift (11-7am). I love the guys I work with, and I've adjusted fine to midnights... But... A position is going to open up on 2nd shift and I'm thinking about taking it. We get a lot more calls on 2nd shift. My goal is to become a detective (obviously a ways down the road, since I only got hired this year), and I was thinking it might be better for promotions to be handling more misdemeanor investigations and taking more calls. Also I would get to know the admin better since 3rd shift is generally the invisible shift... I know every department is different, but... what do you guys think? I think I would gain experience quicker working a busier shift. And being able to sleep with my wife is always a positive thing too..

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    Nightwatch (1600-0200 hrs at my department) was always my favorite. I think the reasons you've described are all valid points. For getting into detectives, I believe showing you can properly investigate and document (re: write reports) whatever you come upon is the key. Sometimes you can make good felony arrests from things that started as only misdemeanors. Just be sure to keep time management in mind too, as you need to handle your share of the call load.

    Learn to be a good investigator while working patrol and you'll get the opportunity to refine your skills as a detective! Good luck.
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      I really like workint the 2nd shift. The only thing is that working so many calls, it takes away from the time you can spend on going the extra mile to handle the complaints above and beyond what is expected.


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        And being able to sleep with my wife is always a positive thing too..
        ...If you had more time on, you wouldn't have left yourself that open.

        As for shifts, you may find that the calls, and clientel is vastly different on dayworks, and not in a good way. It's been my observation that you will deal with way more BS calls that will monopolize much of your time. The people you will deal with will have more of that 'you're here to serve me' attitude, and the criminals, who don't even wake up until your shift is mostly over, are hidden well amongst the general population.
        The brass being around is not nessessarily the elbow rubbing oportunity you may percieve it as. Their mere presence ups the stress level of your immediate supervisors, so kiss that 'anything goes' midnight watch attitude goodbye.
        IMHO you'd be better off on mids where you have much more opportuity to mix it up with the bad guys, and develope a reputation as a productive cop, than on dayworks handling neighbor disputes over the length of grass, and rubbing elbows with the bosses who, trust me, know when someone is rubbing up on them. Just my 2 cents.
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          afternoons gives you a little of everything and keeps you busy. plenty of stuff going on and plenty of stuff to do. plus normal sleep schedule and when you take time off you actually get the benefit of taking it off. best shift in my opinion


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            Swings was always my favorite shift. Here it is considered third watch. Swings is a blast but usually very busy with little down time. Followup investigation is when you can get to it and often not as thorough as I would like some times. Its more of a bandaid and move on due to high volume of priority calls.
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