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Can this really be done?

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  • Can this really be done?

    I got an invoice for $701.25 today from a department that offered me a job. I declined the position because I accepted a position with another department. So... department 1 sends me a letter saying that I owe them for the psych eval, medical exam, and drug screen.

    Now... I've heard about departments requiring people to reimburse them if they hire them and train them... and then leave within a certain time frame. But I never signed anything accepting their offer. Heck... I wasn't even informed that they would be requesting payment if I declined their position.

    So... has anyone else ever had a similar experience? Or... does anyone have any insight? I'm at a loss. I haven't been working since December... so $700 will be really tough to round up, especially since I won't be starting until July 1st... I'd really rather not pay it... but I'm not sure if that's an option... and there's probably legal ramifications if I don't pay it...

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    Unless you signed something in fine print on your application, no way. But you may have done just that - double check. Many agencies are indeed doing these things.

    Just when you're about to get your nose above the water, huh?
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      Thanks Trooper... I guess that leads to a follow up question. Are there any steps that I could take to review what was written on the forms that I signed? As far as I understand, they were simply "release of information" forms... I don't ever recall any "If you do this and decline, you'll be charged..." type stuff on any of'em.

      Also, do verbal agreements hold the same weight as written contracts?


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        Read the fine print VERY closely to make sure you didnt get shamalamalamaed into an agreement for this......

        If you didnt, then a nicely worded letter that tells them to 'pound sand' would be in order......along with the info that you will seek legal recourse if they do ANYTHING to your credit ect.........
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          And if you do find teeny, tiny print that says you do owe them the money....and there's no way out of 'em back $7 a month for the next hundred months.
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            Well, I looked over everything that I have from photocopying the PHQ when I filled it out... ain't nothin' about paying them squat.

            I do recall that when I was at the PD getting the PHQ, one of the supervisors read me the forms I had to sign... verbatim. And then he had me read them myself before signing. Those forms never left the office, so I don't have photocopies of them to review. I'm fairly certain that if anything was mentioned regarding having to pay them back... it would have stuck out like a sore thumb. Looking back, I realize I should have had them make photocopies for me.

            Would getting in contact with the lawyer for the department I was just hired by be a wise choice? Or would they not touch it with a ten-foot pole because it's not department related? I'm not sure how I would go about attaining copies of everything I signed.

            This sucks.

            Originally posted by Kieth M. View Post
            And if you do find teeny, tiny print that says you do owe them the money....and there's no way out of 'em back $7 a month for the next hundred months.
            I thought about paying them back in pennies.

            Then I thought about extending my payment over the course of 10 months, which is what they made me wait.

            Then I thought about trying to figure out if there was a way to make them pay to receive any mail I send them... but I don't think there is...

            Now I'm back to wanting to pay them in pennies... 70,125 of them... that's 386.5 pounds. I could accidentally trip and spill them all over the place, too.
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              I would contact the department that is trying to charge you and find out where they are deriving their idea that they can charge they say that it's a form you signed and agreed to pay, request a copy before you pay. If they refuse, get a lawyer.

              I have never heard of being charged for the application process except for paying to take the initial written exam (mostly hear about that in New York and east coast departments)...I've only heard about dept.s seeking reimbursement after training/certification. I wouldn't pay it until they explain why they are trying to charge you and by what authority. It sounds REALLY fishy to me...good luck and keep us informed on what happens.
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                Tell them to eat turd, they don't make the guys they reject pay for anything neither should you.
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                  i wouldn't pay them sh*t
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                    Make them show you where you owe it to them. If they can't produce a contract, they're outta luck.

                    The burden is on them to prove it - just like they would have to do in court.
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                      While in that jurisdiction, call the non-emergency number and request that an officer respond to take a report on extortion. But on a serious note, I would contact a media outlet and embarrass them. If they do crap like this, aren't you glad you took another job?
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                        WOW!!!! I never heard of such thing, but I wouldn't give them a dime!!!!


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                          Wow is that crazy. I couldn't imagine that. I know its expensive to go through the testing process as a department, but its also expensive for potentital applicants to go through the same process (travel expenses, time off from work, etc etc etc).

                          It sounds to me like you probably signed something with very very small fine print that you didn't see. I signed A LOT of paperwork and forms with the department I'm on now. I read just about everything, but it wouldn't have been difficult for them to put one sentence in small print in there somewhere.

                          Have you attempted to professionally and nicely call the department and contact them to see what its about and when you agreed to it?
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                            Can you reseal the envelope, mark it "RETURN TO SENDER - BAD ADDRESS" and move? :-)

                            I would contact the department or their city hall too and see what the deal is. That's crap.


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                              If the letter wan't sent with a return receipt, there's no proof that you ever got it. That gives you time to get a game plan together.

                              A Government agency is required to make everything public record unless is dels with "good name and character" or is and open investigation. Since the agency offered you a position, there shouldn't be an issue with "good name and character." On the same note, your background investigation should now be closed. Simply request all of the documents that you signed or just request all documents used within the hiring process. They can charge you a "reasonable" fee for the hassle. I think that any charge would be worth paying for the documents. At least with them in hand, you know where you stand.
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