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  • Progressive insurance..

    I just found out they give LEO's a discount. So for all you with Progressive I thought id let you know! Call em up! I got 50 bucks off my monthly bill. Felt this is something to share

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    That's cool. I had them for a few years and the prices dropped every time I got a bill it seemed. They're good peeps.


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      in texas any insurance company will discount u... get them a copy of ur police id. and TCLEOSE .


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        Originally posted by HPDwestisde View Post
        in texas any insurance company will discount u... get them a copy of ur police id. and TCLEOSE .
        Not state farm


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          Oh wow, I just realized, I was describing Erie Insurance Co. and Erie Insurance Exchange, I have been with ERIE since 1976 and get good rates and discounts on my vehicles and accident and ticket forgiveness. I also have had my homeowners with them since 1983.

          I was reading below about Sorus and all that and starting to wonder how I was going to get out of it if it was true ... when it suddenly dawned on me I had mixed the companies up in my mind somehow. Must have been while I was enjoying that slice of homemade apple pie ala mode the wife fixed me.

          I do have some Progressive insurance, it's only on my motorcycles. Easy enough to change that, not like I'm giving up a long history as I have only been with them a few years. I don't know that the connection with Sorus is real or not.

          I hope no one switched to Progressive based on what this post used to read!

          If so .... "Sorry".
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            I might have to do the progressive thing then. I was looking into Geico and they gave me a pretty decent rate after I put LEO on their website. I was not sure if that was because of a discount or not. $50 a month is incredible for an insurance discount.
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              Have heard some good things about Progressive. I like their commercials too. Love the one with the rock musician who backed into the light pole. "It came out of nowhere".


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                Just too bad the owner is a ******.


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                  I called to renew my policy and asked them about the LEO discount and he just added it and gave me my new quote. I didnt have to show or prove anything... I almost ruined it though because jokingly I said I was in the military, as well as a firefighter also. The guy had no sense of humor though!


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                    any special number you called I tried and they said no discounts


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                      1 800 progressive
                      Id call again . When I called and asked the guy said he had never heard of a discount for it, So I figured great it is not going to work. I got put on hold and he came back stating there was. He asked what state I was a cop at I hope its not bound to just Nevada.


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                        I had nothing but problems with Progressive. I dumped them for Nationwide. Half the premium and literally twice the coverage.

                        When I first got Progressive, I paid the premium for the year in full. Policy came to my house as it should have. Nine months later, I get a nastygram from MVA wanting me to provide an FR-19 (proof of insurance for you non Marylanders). My policy shows I'm covered for three more months so I call Progressive. Long story short, they did a search and found that my 70+ Y/O grandmother had a soundex and was residing at my address. She had a soundex as she had an MVA ID, she had never had a license. The woman has NEVER driven a car in her life and never wanted to. They explain that they had sent me a form to exclude her as a driver, since I didn't respond and exclude her, my rate increased and I was only covered for nine moths.

                        Come to find out they had my address in their computers as 16 when I actually lived at 15. Policy and insurance card both said 15 but someone had transposed it. Needless to say I never got this letter and it was sent back to Progressive as undeliverable. You see 16 doesn't exist, there are no houses on that side of the street, only a park. I rack it up to a bad luck incident and renew. We straighten out the premium issue and all is well for a while.

                        Two years later, I get married, buy a house in the county (had been living inside the city) and the house has off street parking. My rate skyrockets despite having no accidents. It actually was close to double. I'm told it's because my zip code has too many accidents and it's split. Half city half county. My old zip code was also split, I lived in the city and 90% of the zip code was in the city. Once again I rack it up as bad luck and start gradually looking for new insurance with lower rates.

                        As fate would have it, two weeks later, I'm sitting at a red light and get rear ended by a suspended driver. I call Progressive and give them all the information. Get a call back two days later after they saw my car. They want me to let the other driver pay out of pocket and not go after his insurance. Why? IT"S PROGRESSIVE!!! I switched to Nationwide the next day.

                        I was so happy with Nationwide, my wife and the house are now both insured with them as well.
                        In God we trust, all others are run MILES and NCIC.


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                          Originally posted by POPO-FLA View Post
                          any special number you called I tried and they said no discounts
                          Ditto! I called when I first got hired because I had heard some companies give LE discounts, they said they didn't have one for us badge-toters. I'll have to try again.


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                            they don't offer it in TN either


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                              I think Progressive Insurance company is owned by George Soros, or he has a big interest in it. He's a Big Political Player, and takes sides with a lot of people who aren't necessarily Police Friendly.

                              Actually, its CEO (I googled) is Peter Lewis, who is an associate of Soros. They give about 8 million bucks to the ACLU each year, and funnel money into "progresssive" causes like legalization of recreational drugs, which Lewis particularly champions.

                              I've had Allstate for years. Got my house there too. Feel like I'm in good hands.
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