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"You will not arrest for that" -the Administration


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  • "You will not arrest for that" -the Administration

    What authority does the administration have to issue standing orders for officers not to make arrests for certain crimes? It seems illegal to me.

    Mine "doesn't like" arrests of persons who violate their bail conditions (conditions of release). It's not because of complaints or improper behavior on the part of officers either. Traffic stops made based on computer data (suspended owner, wanted owner) are also on the chopping block, despite case law in my state allowing such enforcement.

    Our union will attempt to address the issues... I was just curious who here has dealt with such bologna, and how it was handled.
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    Wow. I'm sure you know how to go around this kind of BS. However, should you run a tag and the RO has a warrant, then you as a sworn officer are not advised, cautioned, asked nicely, or suggested to take action you are commanded by the judge who signed the warrant to take the JO into custody. Dept. SOP cannot overide the law.

    Sorry forgot to add Call the County Prosecutor.


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      Illegal ailiens!


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        I can't imagine why they wouldn't want you carry out a particular warrant service or enforce a particular law, unless they had personal reasons for it. And personal reasons aren't supposed to enter in their decision making, is it? It sure would be a shame if that was somehow leaked to the press.


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          Illegal aliens.....Medical Marijuana...
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            " You will not arrest for that!"

            You go girl!!!
            Keep your head down!


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              I hope that MAP can help you with your problems, I guess that I'm pretty fortunate we don't have any thou-shall not arrest rules down here in my little piece of the state.

              You go girl!!!
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                susp/revoked 3rd...we write them for no valid operators licence instead.


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                  Had the experience at one point or another in my career. The last years (23) with Alabama DPS, "You will not arrest for that" was NOT a problem.


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                    I would hate to be the admin being charged with contempt if a judge got ticked.
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                      Its the "new thing"...

                      Try knowing where atleast 50 subjects can be found in one place and not be allowed to head over there with a bus and some back up.


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                        Drop an annon. tip to the media, the D.A.'s office and the Court's Presiding Judge
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                          although, not a big issue,

                          my agency say we have to write 2 warnings for expired inspection or registrations if theyare under 60 days expired
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                            Dont worry bro, your not alone. My old agency would not allow us to arrest anyone for any vehicle violation arrest situation, ex: suspended license or reckless driving.

                            The BS kept piling up and I just fled outta there.
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                              Wow, can't arrest for bond conditions? I know of an agency that throws those arrests around like candy. They rarely arrest someone for something that doesn't include a bail jumping on it.

                              We don't have any other than the aforementioned illegal aliens.
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