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  • Detective Sergeant Shield

    For those of you who have Sergeants working in your Detective Bureau:
    What title do they have on their shield? We use a Blackinton B879 badge and the top panel is too small to fit "Detective Sergeant". What looks good? Do you use "Det. Sergeant", "Detective Sgt." or something else? Any help or suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks!
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    We have a small "banner" that says "Detective" which is palced over the top point of our badge (6-point star). Good for deputies, sergeants and Lt's in D.B. When they move on to another assignment, the "banner" pops off... simple and effective, no badge modifications needed, "banner" can be kept or passed on to the newbie....


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      Identity badges for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Regular Members make no distinction between ranks or type of duty. Our badges include our Regimental Number, so a Special Constable (restricted to prisoner escort duties) or a Commissioned Officer (Inspector and higher) badge will be slightly different (Regimental Numbers for S/Cst start with "S" and for Officers start with "O").
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        Ours just carry their "Sergeant" star..


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          Originally posted by ChiTownDet View Post
          Ours just carry their "Sergeant" star..
          Pretty much the same anywhere I've been, with one exception. On the Alabama Dept of Public Safety, when an Officer is assigned to the Alabama Bureau of Investigation, he/she is issued a badge similiar in appearence to an LAPD badge. The title "Agent is inscribed on the badge below the eagle. If the Officer is a Corporal or above, that rank is the one inscribed on the badge.


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            Our patrol Sergeant's wear a two-tone shield, gold on silver. I was leaning toward an all gold shield for the DB with the rank on the top panel (Detective or Sergeant, whatever the case may be). The "all gold" representing assignment to the DB, the proverbial Detective's "Gold Shield".
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              Our's just say Sergeant on them instead of Constable with badge #. No distinction for detective.


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                Officer and Corporal is a silver badge that says "Officer".

                Sergeants and above have gold badges that says their rank. Detectives badges still say "Sergeant".
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                  It really depends on the design and size of your shield/badge. Check the catalog pictures on this site and you will find a couple of badges with a banner that says "Detective Sergeant"


                  This company will design any type or style of badge your agency desires. They just need a letter from the COP on departmental letterhead.

                  When I worked for the PD and the CHP our badges did identify whether we were Detectives, Investigators or such - just "Sergeant"
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                    All of the agencies I've worked with have done it the same way, so I can safely assume this is a fairly standard practice at least in my area

                    Badges tend to be silver for patrol-level officers and either say "Officer" or "Deputy".

                    Supervisors switch to gold stars with their rank listed ("Sergeant", "Lieutenant", etc). This is regardless of where they are assigned.

                    The detective part has differed slightly. The Sheriff's Office didn't differentiate detectives. They were still deputies, sergeants, etc. Entry level detectives were just deputies with a pay bump. There were detective supervisors, and their badges said whatever rank they were.

                    The PD I worked with was similar in that detectives were't supervisors, so they still had silver badges, but they said "detective" on it. detective supervisors had gold badges that said "detectives" (basically, there were two levels of detective. Officer or sergeant. The title was the same, but the badge color changed). The Lieutenants and Captain over investigations had gold bages that had "Lieutenant" or "Captain" on it.

                    Then there's the state.. the first division I worked under had silver badges for officers and gold for Sgt and above, with titles, but the detectives were actually considered "supervisors" even though they did not supervise anyone. Their badges were gold and said "investigator". They could laterally move to a Sergeant position if they ever wanted to change positions.

                    The division I am currently in is not a patrol division, so its a little different. Entry level positions are "Investigator I" and have all silver badges that say "Special Agent" on them. There are only a handful of those statewide, and its really only used to bring in people that the division really wants but that do not quite meet the requirements for the next level, "Investigator II" which is what 90% of our division (minus supervisors) are. Our badges are silver with gold scrollwork and say "Special Agent" also (no word difference from the lower level investigators, and we do not supervise them, however we are at a sergeant's paygrade.) There are no actual sgts, and the first level supervisors are Lieutenants. Their badges have their title, and are gold with silver scrollwork. Captains and above have all gold badges.

                    Probably a lot more information than you needed, but maybe it will help a little.
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                      In my dept. they just say Sergeant.
                      I don't think it needs to say anything else. Heck, they know you're a detective when you tell them.


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                        About three years ago we went to these Heavy oversized shields made by Entenmann - Rovin which look like the LAPD badge. They suck. we've had to send half of them back because although heavy, they come apart easy.

                        Plus, because they are oversized, you can't wear a leather decoration holder with it.....so any ribbons you are authoried to wear have to go on the opposite side of the shirt. No a real big problem uinless you're trying to look squared away. I just went to a funeral and felt like a buff who thought he was Douglas McArthur

                        These badges say Sgt. or Detective Sgt. or just detective for patrolman assigned to the DB which in answer to your question. As you know, in NJ it's a title not a rank....but still a nice touch.


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                          The badges that the town gave sucked, a maltese cross with an eagle on it. These were for all ranks. So we decided to take it upon ourselves to go with a more NYPD style of badge. Now everyone is very satisfied with them.

                          The patrol sergeants are not wearing NYPD style serageants badge, but a NYPD style detective's badge with their shield number in the lower area. They are very nice.

                          I wear a NYPD style lieutenant's badge.

                          Patrolmen have always been the NYPD patrolman's badge.

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                            In my department the Sgt assigned to a Detective squad has the same Sgt. shield as every other Sgt. in the department. There is also no "detective sgt." It's just a sgt. assigned to a squad. They usually get special assignment pay which is Lt. pay. Each precinct has a detective squad also.


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                              I like that we don't even have a rank of detective. Our "detectives" at still Police Officers who work in that bureau and receive usually an 8% assignment pay. Same thing for Sergeants and Lieutenants. Doing it this way seems to create less of a divide between patrol and the investigators since they are all the same rank.


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