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Service stripes or hashes


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  • Service stripes or hashes

    Does your agency have a policy on the position of service stripes i.e. a specific distance from the top of the cuff along the inside of the pressed crease?
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    We did. One hashmark = 4 years. Only years at our dept. were counted. People cheated on this all the time.
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      What was the measurement from the top of the cuff?
      Rule #1 - If it doesn't change supper it's not worth the worry.
      Rule #10 - YOU ARE NOW THE MINORITY. This country is no longer the one your parents knew. You will not be able to understand it. You will not be able to change it. You must learn to live with it.


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        Not sure what the measurement is from our cuff. Maybe cause I can only have one at this point and dont want to put one on. In arizona its one for every three years of Arizona service. Due to the large number of laterals our agency has they allow in state service from other agencies to count.


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          Most of NY agencies one hash mark = 5 years of service. Not sure of distance from top of cuff, but 4 fingers seems right.


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            Hash Marks

            Believe it or not, our department has no written policy regarding hash marks.

            However, it has generally been held in our area that one stripe equals three years of full time service, no matter how many departments you have worked for.

            A long time ago, there was a question regarding the use of correction employment time for years of service. We also discussed the well known name tag attachment " Serving since 1976" instead of using hash marks.

            As to the measurement above the cuff, it seems that all the departments around here start the stripes one to two inches above the cuff.

            I personally have some uniforms shirts that don't have the correct number of hash marks on. I just didnt keep up with changes the marks.

            I have a question, however. I have'nt ordered hash marks for my recent purchase of shirts. How do you all feel about the folks out there that have a lot of time on? Do you think it starts to look as if you're over doing it a bit when you have say like, 32 years in? It tends to crawl up your sleeve with that amount of time on.

            All that aside, please, I know, some of you might read this and ask yourself,

            " What is this guy still working as a cop, with this many years on?"

            Answer. Simple. College tuition for two sons.

            Be safe everyone.
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              We use stars instead of hash marks. 1 for every 5 years on the dept. They wrap around your wrist instead of going up. If your wrist ain't big enough than you can start to stack them pyramid style.
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                Our policy states specifically this...

                -(pertains to color)
                -(pertains to color)
                -(pertains to color)
                -Will be worn 1/4 inch above the seam of the left shirt sleeve cuff
                -Will be worn 3 inches above the edge of the left 'duty jacket' and 'command suit jacket' sleeve
                -Will be placed (sewn) on the inward or left side of the shirt and duty jacket sleeve crease
                -Will be centered directly in-line with the shoulder patch on the command suit jacket
                -are MANDATORY on long sleeved Class A Formal and Dress shirts

                *Note: Hash marks denote years of service (5, 10, 15, 20, etc.). There is one hash mark for each 5 years of 'continuous' service.
                Hope that helps you.


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                  one hash is 3 years for us
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                    The Royal Canadian Mounted Police uses stars, with 5 years of service in the RCMP per star. Stars are only worn on our Red Serge tunic or blue serge jacket (some ranks are allowed a blue serge tunic as well) centred roughly 3 - 4 inches below the shoulder on the left sleeve. After 20 years, or 4 stars, we start a second row above that, to a maximum of 40 years or 8 stars.

                    In addition to the stars, and if we qualify due to good behaviour, we are awarded a Long Service medal at 20 years of service in the RCMP, and are allowed to wear the undress ribbon on our uniform shirt. We are further rewarded with a bronze, silver, gold or silver and gold clasp for 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service. The medal is worn with our serge tunics or jackets only.
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                      4 (four) inches from sleeve end to hash mark, each hash mark is 5 years.

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                        The Alabama Dept of Public Safety no longer wears service stripes(hashmarks). They have been replaced with service stars, which are worn on a metalic plate attached to the name tag. The star is gold in color on a blue background. A star is awarded for each five years of service with the Dept.


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                          One for each 4 years on this agency. Non other are recognized.

                          The group of stripes is centered betweewn the elbow and cuff on the left arm
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                            1" from top of cuff. Left sleeve.

                            1 every 5 years. I have 5, but I haven't put any new ones on since I had 3 stripes. I think I'll celebrate being an official old-fart by getting my 5 sewed on my L/S shirts.


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                              A bar for two years and a star for each five years of service. They are pins--not sew-ons--that are worn above the right breast pocket. Some people wear them and some don't.


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