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    Originally posted by MDPOLICE View Post
    I did not want to start a new thread so I thought I would post here. I rarely post and haven't been on here in a while.

    So here I am approaching retirement in 1.5 years. Despite todays political climate and other nonsense going on in the profession, I still love doing the job I started almost 20 years ago. I slowed down a little after the BLM, Politicians, COVID, and all the other crap started. Slowly I have started getting back out there and getting proactive at times and enjoying it. Still kinda believe in if your using the body cams / in car cameras, doing things by the book, and keeping your nose clean your not going to have much problems. Of course anything can go sideways and find yourself in a jam. I know Law Enforcement has gone through its up and downs and speaking to much older officers, they have seen similar or worse times. Maybe Im holding out hope that the pendulum will swing back.

    I work for a large agency making very good money and have a very generous retirement and benefits plans. I could basically retire and would not have to work again if I play my cards right. The agency recently adopted a DROP program which a few officers have taken advantage of. They have recently extended the DROP program because officers are still quitting or retiring despite the DROP program. I have it set in my mind to roll out as soon as I am eligible.

    The issues I have with the department is that the agency is really run by the council members and the elected leader. The higher ups in the department pretend listen to their troops but continue with the same protocols or make negative changes. They care more about what a minority of people would perceive. Morale is at a record low then I have ever seen. A lot of newer officers have been leaving and going to other agencies that don't have anywhere near the benefits but have a better working environment. The current prosecutor absolutely sucks and is your typical activist mainly focused on prosecuting officers. Although I will say most of the charges have seemed justified IMHO. There is a huge turnover rate with the prosecutors. Of course you tell yourself to keep making arrests and its not in your hands anymore once it makes it to the prosecutor. Every once in a while you see a glimmer of hope here and there but seems far and in between.

    Now my question now is, if I retire and continue with this profession, what route should I take? Im still young and have plenty of go still left in me. I have thought of going to a smaller agency in a better area far away thats more appreciative of law enforcement or at least doesn't entertain the political nonsense. I was also curious if anyone here has had worked under a sheriff before and how it compared working at an agency with a Chief thats appointed by local politicians. I would like to know if you are more free to do your job without interference under a sheriff compared to a Chief that has to answer to politicians.

    I am sure this has been covered before but would just like to hear others opinions.
    Well, it all depends on the Sheriff or Chief. But mostly depends on the area of the country where you are living . Here in the Midwest MOST Sheriff's Offices are
    Home Civil Service
    Forum Unionized
    Blogs The Deputies are pretty free to do their jobs without a lot of interference

    City Police have similar attributes

    Small departments are much more informal

    MOST areas here are VERY to Extremely Friendly to LE EXCEPT for the big cities (Minneapolis, Chicago, St Louis etc
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      In Ohio, the sheriff is a politician and there is a group of county commissioners. There are going to be politics at any level of LE. In my experience, in the midwest, citizens as a whole support their local police.

      +1 to Chief Bill Gillespie
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        I appreciate the input. I’m just getting to the point where I can’t wait to put in my papers and walk out. Can’t say I’m going to miss it. I have obtained a lot of experience in the time I have been here and enjoyed some good times.

        The one thing I know for sure is that I will never work for a large metro area police department again if continue in this profession. I just would like to be able to do my job without a bunch of politics involved and without constant direct supervision (try 3 supervisors in one shift).

        Guess I’ll continue to look around to see where I land.


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          Originally posted by Iowa #1603 View Post

          Yea and I am having trouble deciding whether or not to get out.

          For those that don't know I retired after 29 yrs with the Iowa Department of Corrections.....Prior to that there were 5 yr as a deputy sheriff and 6 months after I left the DOC I was hired in a uniformed non sworn Court Security / Inmate Transportation officer. I now have 11 1/2 yrs in doing that and am the supervisor for the division off all retired LEO and State qualified CO's. Iowa is a VERY LEO friendly state. BUT I am not patrolling
          I will be turning 67 yrs old in January. Still in FAIRLY good health and able to do almost anything I have ever done

          EXCEPT-------the last 3 yrs I have had considerable trouble qualification on the range. It's more of a vision problem than mechanical. We have to qualify on the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy qualification court. This year I tried for two days.....about 4 attempts each day--- and couldn't . I left frustrated and chose not to go back the "make up" day. All 3 instructors wanted me to come back and work on it but I was exhausted

          I am tired............& I just am NOT going to go through the stress anymore. I am leaning on just totally retiring at the end of the year & I will be fine with that but pulling the plug is HARD
          Brother, I’m pulling the plug at the end of the year too. Retired nine years ago, worked this city investigator job I only planned to work for a couple of years, Been here 8 years. It’s been easy money, but I’m done. Time to fish, golf, and drink copious amounts of liquor in the morning.


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            Only thing for me is I will be 41 when I retire. Can’t see myself golfing and fishing for eternity quite yet lol. I’m still healthy and work out quite often. I know a lot of other guys who retired and after a year they were back doing the same thing after going crazy sitting at home.

            I know a few guys who went the Highway Patrol Route or Natural Resources Police route elsewhere and seem to quite enjoy the laid back atmosphere. Little bit better than running call to call.


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              Still young enough to start a whole new career with its own benefits.


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