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Justice Department Says It Will Now Require Federal Officers To Wear Body Cameras


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  • Justice Department Says It Will Now Require Federal Officers To Wear Body Cameras


    "Federal agents will now be required to wear body cameras when executing search warrants or making pre-planned arrests, according to a new policy outlined Monday by the Justice Department's second highest-ranking official.

    Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco announced the change in a memo acknowledging the importance of "transparency and accountability" in building trust between federal officers and the communities they serve.

    The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives; the Drug Enforcement Administration; the FBI and the United States Marshals Service will have 30 days to draft their own policies in accordance with the new requirements, Monaco said."

    Welcome to the 21st century....Federal agents under DOJ are going to hate it.

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    Hahaha. All those 1811s wearing BWC…yeah…right.


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      I've gotten so use to them I can't see how we ever got by without them.

      It's amazing how quickly the complaining citizens starts to backtrack complaints when they learn we have everything on video.

      But it's shocking that someone in the current administration wants "transparency and accountability."


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        The cameras will sit in desk chargers 29 days out of 30.

        1811s will complain at first but soon enough will bemoan bigger indignities, like how the new janitorial service uses recycled newspaper instead of ultrasoft Charmin like the last janitorial service.

        "Transparency and accountability" will mean the American public will see the most boring search warrants ever, like the medical clinic in the 'hood billing medicare for 90 patient visits a day at $190 a pop but hasn't unlocked its doors in two years....
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          I know a retired fed guy who worked white collar stuff, mostly contract fraud.

          ETA: Dept of Commerce OIG I think?

          In almost 35 years he put handcuffs on exactly one person.

          His body cam would have gotten very little use.
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            I’ll bet most of the arrests his OIG make were self surrender.

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          How stupid. Pre-planned ops almost always go smoothly with very few complaints or issues of consequence that a camera could resolve.


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