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Cop Dreams, non-shooting


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  • Cop Dreams, non-shooting

    Funny, the "shooting dream" thread started and I had a different wierd work dream today.

    I was on a traffic stop and decided I had PC for a search; don't remember what it was now. Anyway, I got the guy out and searched the passenger area. He's standing there calm. Then I popped the trunk and there was a dead body just laying there. I slammed the trunk and drew down and that's when I woke up.
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    I can sympathize. I hate those kind of dreams. I often have dreams that put me in a deadly force situation. I am at very close range and my bullets always miss or don't do the job. Pretty weird. Nice to wake up.

    In this job we have to condition ourselves to respond to the threat before it happens and I think by role playing in my mind it makes me wonder how I will handle the situation if I unfortunately would ever have to pull the trigger.

    I would like to think that I will pull through fine and function in a way that will keep me alive. The scary part is doing all the studies and reading on officers who have been through this and have missed the target. I am no better then these officers but I like to think that noone is going to get the best of me. I have had some very close calls in which deadly force was just a couple pounds from reality but the badguy backed down at the last minute.
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      Ive had a few different dreams where I was faced with a situation where I had to fire shots at a subject and my gun would not shot. Id pull the trigger and nothing would happen.... then the dream ends. It is very weird.
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        I know I've had never-ending dreams where I'm stuck in work scenarios. Usually trying to gather information that never gets gathered. Those are the worst. If I can wake myself up from it, I try to walk around for a while and distract myself from the dream in order to try to fall asleep into a normal dream. Or an Ana Beatriz dream.
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          I've dreamed I've been shot. Other than that, and the one in which a cop threw up on me after shooting someone, I don't recall any police dreams. I've had dreams where people I work with were in them, but I don't think we were doing anything police related.


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            Never lost a battle in my dreams, however I've shot suspects and my bullets have fallen straight to the ground. Punches take forever to find the target and I can't seem to run very fast (but hell, in reality I can't run fast either.)
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