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I robbed a bank yesterday.


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  • I robbed a bank yesterday.

    In addition to being a Reserve Police Officer, I'm also a...*ahem Security Officer, at large financial institution, they handle mainly credit cards and student loans in at this site. This facility also has an actual bank that employees can use to do their personal banking. Its open to the public but its a non-advertised bank. Anyway for training I had the pleasure of "robbing" the bank. It was kind of BS because the bank was still closed and they knew I was coming. The test was to see how observant the tellers and other folks were in remembering what I looked like, what I did, and following procedure. Like using dye packs and setting off the various alarms.

    I cleaned out three tellers and made a clean getaway though(I left the money in the bank for real security reasons). It was a lot of fun I got wave an old .45 1911(it wasn't real) and yell at people but some of them were trying very hard not to laugh since half of them knew me, even in civilian entire.

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    Good thing the local cops didn't come by and drop you!
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      we did that at a DMV a couple of years ago. SWAT was doing barricade training. man... that kind of stuff is a blast!


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